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Delta Extrax (Delta Effex)

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Delta Extrax (formerly Delta Effex) became our brand partner out of our relationship with Savage CBD.  We have been partners with Savage since our inception in 2019. As the Delta 8 brand for Savage Enterprises, Delta Extrax (Delta Effex) has been a leader in the Delta 8 world due to their broad selection of uniquely crafted products. More importantly, in the highly unregulated world of Delta 8, all of their products have verified lab results to verify content safety and authenticity. It's a brand we trust and you can too.

Delta Extrax

About Delta Extrax (formerly Delta Effex)

Delta Extrax makes Delta 8 products that are derived from the hemp plant and from the cannabinoids, CBD, found within. They use extensive research and development to create innovative products that all have verified lab results available to prove quality. In the Delta 8 industry, there is little regulation, so always be sure you have the lab results available for any product you try.

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About Delta Extrax (formerly Delta Effex) Products

Wow, when you look at Delta Extrax you can see their Savage CBD lineage come through in the amazing variety and flavors of products. Although dedicated to Delta 8 (and Delta 10 also), they have created products to ensure there is something for everyone!

What isn't as easy to find in the market are quality Delta 8 tinctures. Delta Extrax produces a very simple, effective selection that should be taken sublingually (under the tongue). Select from Chill, Balance or Focus, and we think the names speak for themselves.

Delta 8 flower is a pretty unique product since you can't actually grow Delta 8 flower by itself.  It is made by taking CBD flower and coating it with Delta 8 and then rolling it in CBD flower kief, making it sort of look like a moon rock. The results are outstanding and they have made their strains available in flower itself or pre-rolls. The entourage effect of having that strong CBD presence with the Delta 8 will really enhance your experience.

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