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How To Keep a Cannabis Journal

Whether it’s the traditional diary, the hip bullet journal, habit tracking, free writing, unsent letters, one line a day, or list writing, journaling is popular amongst many different types of people for a ton of reasons. Journaling can be a major stress relief, it can help you keep track of things, and it can help …

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The Benefits of Smoking CBG

For the last several years, the well-known cannabinoid CBD has been making cannabis science headlines in a big way.  However, another cannabinoid is making a name for itself, despite being somewhat rare. It’s called CBG (cannabigerol) and even though it is harder to come by, and is found in much lower quantities than its other …

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How to Roll a Joint

If you’re new to the flower scene, you’ve probably never rolled a joint. Maybe you’ve just always had friends that volunteered to roll your joints. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to finally learn how to roll a joint.  The word “joint” has a bad rep and for really no reason. When you think …

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CBD for Autism

CBD for autism. Of course, there is no cure for autism, nor is there treatment or medicine that works for every person with autism. However, finding even a little relief for some symptoms of autism can be helpful to people living with it.  WHAT IS AUTISM?  Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that usually appears …

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Canna River Brand Review

Canna River is one of our highly vetted, trusted brands with great customer reviews. They source non-GMO hemp that is small batch and made in the United States. These premium products are crafted for the everyday user or the avid adventurer. Your speed is their speed because the company is customer focused. Making sure every …

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CBG Flower

What Are the Effects of CBG Flower?

In our recent blog, we dove into defining the cannabinoids CBG and CBN and how they stand out from THC and CBD. Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the more expensive cannabinoids to produce and is generating buzz. Although it does not cause a psychoactive feeling, there are other potential benefits that commonly attribute to this …

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