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Living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is undeniably difficult. The symptoms faced by those with ADHD can make work, school, and life in general more difficult to navigate. Not only are the symptoms troublesome, but often the medications that are prescribed to help treat those symptoms come with their own list of negative …

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How Long Does Being High Last?

Knowing the length of time you are going to be high is useful. Certain responsibilities require a clear head and it’s nice to plan your high accordingly. You may have a certain activity that you want to be high for and a little planning can help you to remain high for the duration of the …

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7 Simple Cocktails with CBD Or THC

Cocktails plus CBD? Sign me up! Who’s ready for another blog with fun drink recipes that include CBD (or THC, if you’re feeling frisky)! In this blog you’ll find recipes for 7 easy to make cocktails that you can either add an oil to or even use your homemade simple syrup with CBD or THC …

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The Benefits of Smoking CBG

For the last several years, the well-known cannabinoid CBD has been making cannabis science headlines in a big way.  However, another cannabinoid is making a name for itself, despite being somewhat rare. It’s called CBG (cannabigerol) and even though it is harder to come by, and is found in much lower quantities than its other …

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How High Are You?

On a scale of stone-cold sober to Cheech & Chong, how you doin’? In today’s world, where cannabis is predominately legalized in many different formats, getting high can be even more intense than the “grass” of years past thanks to dispensaries, CBD stores, and cultivators that put TLC into every plant that grows. Depending on …

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How to Roll a Joint

If you’re new to the flower scene, you’ve probably never rolled a joint. Maybe you’ve just always had friends that volunteered to roll your joints. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to finally learn how to roll a joint.  The word “joint” has a bad rep and for really no reason. When you think …

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CBD for the New Year and New You

CBD for the New Year! CBD for the new you! The end of the year is quickly approaching and it’s tradition to create New Year’s resolutions. It’s quite a pain, really. Personally, I’m the one to make these grandiose plans that I believe will rocket me into a new life (and most of the time, …

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Cannabis for the Holidays, the 2021 Gift Guide

Cannabis, in the forms of CBD or THC may be just what you need for the holidays! ‘Tis the season.. For STRESS! Not only the season for stress, but also depression, social anxiety, travel anxiety, eating and drinking too much, etc., etc., etc. The holidays are absolutely fun, or at least have fun aspects, but …

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