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Lazarus Naturals – High Potency Full Spectrum Tincture – Yuzu

(3 customer reviews)


Lazarus Naturals Yuzu CBD Oil is a full-spectrum tincture with 6000mg of CBD in a 120ml bottle! If you use high dosages of CBD or just want an amazingly low price per milligram, this is for you. Yuzu’s Japanese citrus flavor blends tart lime and floral notes of orange.


Lazarus Naturals Yuzu CBD Oil is another full-spectrum tincture in the line that contains 6000mg of CBD in a 120ml bottle! If you use high dosages of CBD on a regular basis or just want an amazingly low price per milligram, then this is the product for you. This product commits to top-quality and high-potency, and also is unique in its Yuzu flavor. The Japanese citrus flavor blends with tart lime and floral notes of orange. Many recommend enjoying this flavor as is or even in your daily cup of tea.

It is available in classic flavor variety, or two other flavors: Chocolate Mint or French Vanilla Mocha. Looking for better sleep – Try this High Potency Sleep Tincture.

How can we offer this price for such a strong, high-quality product?  Lazarus Naturals grows the hemp on their own hemp farm.  They then harvest, extract, and formulate all of their CBD products in-house.  The CBD-rich extract is taken from the hemp plant and then diluted with hemp seed oil.  This ensures consistency and well as maintaining product potency that is 100% Fully Certified Organic. Lazarus Naturals is also incredibly transparent and committed to allowing their customers to understand exactly what each product contains. All products undergo third-party testing that is available for customers to see.


How can CBD help me?  How can Lazarus Naturals Yuzu Tincture help me?

  • There are many reasons people take CBD, either for general health purposes on a daily basis or to deal with certain health challenges.  These often include anxiety, depression, chronic pain, sciatica or other nerve pain, trouble sleeping, skin conditions, tendonitis, and many more.  You can always contact us for a free phone consultation if you’d like to discuss what kind of CBD is right for you and what the proper dosage might be.

Is CBD Legal?

  • Yes, all of our CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, so they are legal in all 50 states.

How much Lazarus Naturals Yuzu CBD should I take?

  •  To determine you optimal CBD dosage, you can read our Dosage Guide or visit our Education Page.  It is common to start with a dosage and learn how it is effecting you before settling into your final amount.  Each milliliter of the Lazarus Naturals Yuzu has 50mg of CBD.

How do I take this Lazarus Naturals Yuzu Tincture?

  • When taking the Lazarus Naturals Yuzu CBD Oil, it is ideal to take it sublingually.  We have a video and blog article about Sublingual CBD, showing how to do this most effectively.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

  • Full spectrum CBD takes all of the elements of the plant including the 100+ cannabinoids, 200+ terpenes and other substances.  This allows you to benefit from the “entourage effect“.
Weight 8.1 oz


Organic Hempseed Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Hemp Extract, Contains Tree Nuts (Coconut)

Lab Reports

Lazarus CBD High Potency Full Spectrum Tincture – 6000mg COA

3 reviews for Lazarus Naturals – High Potency Full Spectrum Tincture – Yuzu

  1. Devin

    I’m really impressed with this oil. I have tried a few in the past and I fell like this one has been the most effective.

  2. Rachael

    A few years back I was in a car accident and I just haven’t been the same since. I have constant pain from the hips down and have the worst anxiety anytime I leave the house. Cbd has been a real life saver. I take so much daily that it was getting too expensive and then I came across this website (more importantly this product). They have prices that don’t break the back and customer service is always amazing.

  3. Sandra O.

    I usually get the natural flavor but I was really excited when I saw this new flavor. It’s really good by itself and mixed with tea. Definitely my new favorite!

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