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CBD for Headaches

Headaches…. Woof, am I right? So many people have been afflicted with headaches, even if it has just been once or twice. Finding a respite for your headache so you can get on with your routine is usually the first thing people try. Most people turn to pain-relieving medicines that are pretty harsh on their …

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Is my CBD working? hands holding three colored packages of tarts. the colors are green, purple, and red. white background

Is My CBD Working? 5 Steps to Measure CBD Benefits

Is this [vitamin, medicine, workout, diet] even working? Is my CBD working? What a question. I think we are all guilty of asking this when we have started any sort of new routine. We eventually learn that patience, time, and adjustments are the best ways to ensure success. This is the mindset you need when starting …

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Woman sleeping in bed after taking cbd and melatonin

CBD + Melatonin: The Perfect Sleep?

What is CBD? – What is Melatonin? – Taking CBD + Melatonin Peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper, gin and tonic… some things just pair together perfectly! Well, here’s another dynamic duo that you can add to the list…CBD and Melatonin! For so many out there that face difficulty sleeping and insomnia, both CBD …

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