What Are Delta 8 Cigarettes?

There’s nothing quite like a good smoke. The flick of a lighter or flare of a match, the pleasure of that inhale and exhale, the innate contentedness that follows each pull. With Delta 8 THC products, the options for a pleasant, mellow, and most importantly, legal smoke are more numerous than ever before. But trying to find out which smoke is right for you can be a real… drag (I’m sorry). Delta 8 cigarettes provide a moderate amount of Delta 8 THC balanced with CBD for an enjoyable and discreet smoking experience morning, noon, or night. Let’s take a light to the subject and find out if Delta 8 cigarettes are the right smoke for you.

What is Delta 8?

There’s plenty of in-depth information to be found on our blog about Delta 8, but for the sake of clarity, we’ll run through the gist of it here. Typically, when you heard talk of THC in the past, it referred to Delta 9 THC, the most prominent psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Delta 8 THC is a similar cannabinoid with a slightly different chemical structure. Delta 8 is also psychoactive but because of how Delta 8’s unique chemical structure interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, the effects are different. Are you still going to get high? Yes. But the high is described as milder, clearer, and even energizing. Although it is milder, it can still be impairing so operating a vehicle under the influence of Delta 8 is not advised. Additionally, Delta 8 THC may cause failure of a drug test but there are some cleansing strategies you can employ, especially if you know about the test in advance, so don’t be shy. Give it a try.

Where does Delta 8 come from?

To get Delta 8, we start first with hemp plants and extract the CBD and other cannabinoids, within which we find low levels of Delta 8 THC. This Delta 8 is then concentrated into a distillate. This distillate can then be added to edibles, created into an extract that can be vaped, or, in the case of Delta 8 cigarettes, applied to CBD flower for smoking. Because of the intricacy of this process, it is incredibly important that when purchasing Delta 8 products, you use a reputable retailer. The Green Dragon CBD has all their Delta 8 products laboratory tested and publishes the certificate of analysis (COA) on each product’s page. 

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Delta 8 is federally legal. Because it is converted from the CBD found in hemp, Delta 8 is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. However, each state has their own laws regarding hemp-derived THC, so be sure to read up on your own state’s laws.

What are Delta 8 Cigarettes?

Don’t let Delta 8 cigarettes conjure up images of tobacco-stained fingers and smelly clothes. While they may look similar to their nicotine-laden cousins, I assure you they do not come with the same baggage.

To make Delta 8 cigarettes you start with CBD flower and add Delta 8 distillate. This flower is then wrapped up in a quick and even burning organic hemp paper. Add a filter, and there you have it. No muss, no fuss, no frills. More importantly no tobacco, nicotine, fillers, or additional chemical additives. Just a pure, clean smoke for a soothing and relaxing high.

Delta 8 Smoke Options

When buying Delta 8 products, not all smokes are created equal. Deciding how you want to get lit depends on your needs, your situation, and your personal dosing preferences. 

Delta 8 Cigarettes

Comprised of CBD flower and Delta 8 distillate in a quick burning hemp cigarette paper with a filter, sold in packs of ten. Delta 8 cigarettes typically have a dosage of between 40 and 50 mgs of Delta 8 THC per cigarette. Smokable in three to five minutes, Delta 8 cigarettes are the perfect option for those looking for something quick, convenient, and personally dosed. Also, they are more discreet in appearance than other smokable options like pre-rolls, hand-rolled joints, hand-rolled blunts, and pipes. 

Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolled joints contain CBD flower with Delta 8 distillate, typically wrapped in a cone-shaped hemp wrapping paper with a hard tip at the mouth called a crutch that adds support and helps keep from burning fingers and lips. A pre-roll takes longer to smoke than a cigarette and usually contains between 100-200 mgs of Delta 8 per joint. These are great for a group-sesh, your classic puff-puff-pass scenario around a bonfire or patio table, or for those looking for a hefty dose. But when smoking alone, a pre-roll might be too big a dose all at once and might not be as fresh or flavorful when re-lit. 

Delta 8 Flower

Delta 8 flower can be purchased in various amounts from grams to an ounce. It’s perfect for those who like the ritual of it all, separating the bud from the stem by hand or with a grinder, packing up a pipe or hand rolling their own joint or blunt. But not everyone has the time or the desire to go through the whole process, and instead just want to spark and go. Also, while with flower you can control your dosage, it’s harder to know exactly how much Delta 8 THC is in each smoke. 

Why Choose Delta 8 Cigarettes?

Delta 8 cigarettes are perfect for people looking for a first step into the world of Delta 8 and I’m not just blowing smoke up your… well… you know. As mentioned, they are discreet, convenient, and reasonably dosed for individual use. It’s milder, soothing body high will have your creative juices flowing, leaving you ready to tackle all sorts of tasks. They’re ideal for any time of day, from an invigorating start to your Saturday morning that takes the edge off the mundanity of that to-do list you can’t put off any longer to a soothing nightcap that gently eases you through the transition from ‘The Office’ reruns to the depths of dream world. But Delta 8 also comes with a long list of therapeutic benefits. You can find a full breakdown of the benefits of Delta 8 on our blog, but here’s a quick rundown:

Benefits of Delta 8

  • Stress Relief
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-Vomiting/Anti-Nausea
  • Sleep Aid
  • Focus and Concentration

Delta 8 cigarettes may also help you quit smoking.


What is a Delta 8 cigarette?

A Delta 8 cigarette is a cigarette containing CBD flower infused with Delta 8 distillate wrapped in a hemp-based cigarette wrapper with a filter, typically sold in packs of 10.

Does a Delta 8 cigarette have tobacco or nicotine?

No. A Delta 8 cigarette contains no tobacco, nicotine, filler, or additional chemical additives.

Will Delta 8 get me high?

Delta 8 does tend to be a psychoactive. The higher percentage of THC in a product, the more mental fuzziness you will experience. More CBD in a product will calm that effect.

What’s the difference between a Delta 8 cigarette and pre-roll?

A Delta 8 cigarette is wrapped in a discreet cigarette wrapper with a filter and typically has a dose of 40-50 mgs of Delta 8 THC. A Delta 8 pre-roll is wrapped in a cone shaped wrapping paper with a crutch that typically has a dose of between 100 and 200 mgs of Delta 8 THC.

Wrapping It All Up

Delta 8 cigarettes come in a variety of strains and flavors, each with their own unique highs. If you aren’t sure what type of strain is best for you, no worries, we’ve got you covered here. At The Green Dragon CBD we have Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Delta-8 cigarette options. You can check them out below. If you’ve never tried Delta 8, are looking for a more chill vibe than regular cannabis, or even if you want to replace your nicotine habit, Delta 8 cigarettes can be the perfect choice for you.


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