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About Medterra

Certified quality from kentucky

Medterra is one of our of our chosen brands because of their professional and straight-forward focus on quality and technical details.  This applies to their wide selection of products.  The selection includes tablets, CBD Oils, CBD topical creams and even pet products.

Medterra was started by a group of individuals passionate about the power of hemp, Medterra believes that CBD should be available to all of those who search for high-quality CBD at an affordable price. Medterra’s hemp-derived products are designed to create trusted wellness products that are continually purchased, loved and recommended throughout the United States.  With Medterra, you can always feel comfortable with your purchase knowing that what you receive is tested, certified, safe and completely legal.

They’re proud to be U.S. Hemp Authority Certified in an effort to provide their customers the highest-quality hemp. As an early leader in the industry, Medterra is proud to say that all of our hemp products start at American hemp farms in Kentucky.

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Customer Feedback

“I’ve struggled with getting a good night’s sleep for as long as I can remember. I have tried over the counter sleeping pills and those have not worked for me at all. But the CBD and Melatonin dissolvable tablets do the trick for me every time. Within 30 minutes of taking a tablet, I can’t even keep my eyes open. They definitely help me to fall asleep fast.”

— Jessica B.

“I’ve been using Medterra’s CBD Gel capsules for around 4 months now, which I much prefer to the tinctures that I was taking before because you get an exact dose with every capsule, not an estimated dose. Great product and love that it’s legal in all 50 states and that there’s no THC giving me a “foggy brain” that I can’t afford to have, as I am a single mom and have a child to raise!”

— Stacie K.

“Great product! I originally purchased Medterra’s 3000mg CBD Oil to help with overall health. It helped. I feel amazing! Worked like a charm! I recommend this brand to all of my friends and family. Wish I would have known about this years ago!”

— Tracey D.

“What I love the most about Medterra’s cooling cream is how fast it starts working WITHOUT the strong smell from traditional icy/hot creams. This cooling cream actually smells good! I have really bad back pain and trouble sleeping at night. Now I use the cooling cream right before I go to bed and it definitely helps me sleep better throughout the night.”

— Jessica 

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