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Personalized customer service is a core value of The Green Dragon CBD. All of our customers love our customer service. You're always welcome to contact us for all of your questions, comments, and concerns! Contact us here.


I am 100% satisfied with The Green Dragon CBD, they have gone well beyond customer support. A special Thank You to David what a sweet person to deliver a very special delivery. I'm taking the relax gummy bears and wow do they work! Not just for relaxing, but I found they helped me in so many ways - sleep, less muscle problems and pain relief. They help with the hashimoto and fibromyalgia I have, to name a few. Thanks so much!

Sandy D.

Karlie, a Jiu Jitsu fighter, Go-Kart Team Photographer and MMA fighter speaks out how she uses CBD daily as part of her healthy routine. Read details in the blog post: Karlie


Went to this store's opening day! They were so knowledgeable. I ended up buying one of their vape pens and oils and I'm really enjoying the response from my body. The flavor is amazing (tropical popsicle)! I will be buying all my CBD products from here on out at the green dragon cbd!

Melissa P.

Lisa, also known by her STPeach, is a full time Twitch streamer and is adored by her millions of fans across social media. STPeach has been a long term partner with us and she was kind enough to take the time about what CBD means to her. You can check out her Twitch channel and tune in monthly to our joint Q&A live streams about CBD, Delta 8 and more.

Lisa, StPeach

These guys are so awesome!!! I have tried many different CBD products that they offer. I've NEVER been disappointed with any of their products and especially not their customer service!!!! I had to move 10 hours south temporarily, due to family situations, but I am still able to get all of these amazing beneficial products thanks to these guys at The Green Dragon CBD!!! ???????????? The ONLY place I get my CBD products!!

Amanda G.

Great place for anyone who is just getting started with CBD. Our experience at The Green Dragon was phenomenal!! The staff was so accommodating and went above and beyond. Hands down the best customer service imaginable!

John B.

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Success Stories - Customer Testimonials on CBD and Delta 8
CBD and Delta 8 users discuss their experiences and benefits. Video Testimonials and excerpts from reviews from our customers.
Success Stories
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