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15 results
Is MoonwWkr legit?

Yes, MoonWlkr is a legitimate brand offering quality hemp products like gummies, vape carts, and more. The brand has established itself as a trustworthy source for your favorite goodies throughout its years of business.

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How strong are MoonWlkr gummies?

It depends on the gummy! Some MoonWlkr gummies may have around 1000 mg (or even more) of cannabinoids in each bottle, while others might only have about 100-200 mg. That means that the dose of each individual gummy can vary pretty significantly. Be sure to check the packaging or product description for the gummies you’re interested in to see which cannabinoid(s) are present and to what extent.

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Is MoonWlkr safe?

Yes, MoonWlkr products are generally safe for most people. It’s always a good idea to check with your doctor before consuming any cannabis product, as cannabinoids may interfere with some prescription medications. If you’re concerned about the contents of an individual product, be sure to check the certificate of analysis (lab report) to see what’s inside.

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Is Top Shelf Hemp CBD flower legal?

Yes, Top Shelf Hemp CBD flower is legal, and so is the brand’s other hemp-derived cannabinoid products. As long as it comes from hemp, not marijuana, a cannabinoid is not considered illegal at the federal level. It’s always a good idea to check your state and local laws to ensure that the products you’re interested in won’t raise any red flags.

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How do I know if my CBD flower is good?

If your CBD flower is soft, a bit springy, colorful, and moist, it’s probably high-quality. Different flower strains and plants can yield different results, though – some flower may naturally be a bit on the dryer side, for instance, or produce less kief. But CBD flower that’s dry to the point of being brittle with a lackluster smell and discoloration is probably not worth repurchasing. 

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Is Top Shelf a good delta 8 brand?

Top Shelf Hemp is a great brand for delta 8 and other cannabinoids. There are plenty of products that utilize delta 8 to choose from, whether you’re into flower, edibles, or something else entirely. 

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What is the best CBD flower?

The best CBD flower for you is any flower that delivers the desired effects and that you enjoy. But in our opinion, not all CBD flower is made equal. We prefer to stick with options like Top Shelf Hemp Co, which goes above and beyond to make sure its CBD flower surpasses everything else on the market. Each preroll and batch of bud is treated with the utmost care from start to finish, and it pays off!

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CBD Education
Is Top Shelf Hemp Co legit?

Yes, Top Shelf Hemp is a legitimate – and trustworthy – hemp brand. In fact, we’d say that it’s one of the best. Top Shelf Hemp puts plenty of effort into ensuring its products are safe, sustainable, and, above all else, high-quality. You’d be hard-pressed to find another brand that’s got as much experience in the biz as Top Shelf Hemp!

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How long to charge 510 battery?

Typically, vape batteries reach full charge within one to two hours. Once fully charged, the indicator light often changes color or switches off.

How to clean 510 battery

Ensure that your vape pen is powered off and disassembled.

Gently dampen a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol, ensuring it is not excessively saturated.

With caution, delicately cleanse the threads using the dampened swab to eliminate any buildup.

Utilize a dry cotton swab to wipe away any remaining alcohol or debris.

What is a 510 thread battery?

A 510 thread battery serves as a device utilized for vaporizing either cannabis or nicotine. Acting as the primary component within a vape pen, it interfaces with a diverse range of atomizers and cartridges. The term "510" originates from the threaded connection point where the battery integrates with the vaping apparatus, featuring measurements of 5 millimeters in diameter and 10 threads.

Does ELF THC have nicotine in its products?

Some ELF THC products may have nicotine in them, but the vast majority do not. Make sure to pay close attention to the product you’re interested in to make sure it fits what you’re looking for.

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Do ELF Bars have THC?

No, traditional ELFBAR products do not have THC. Only ELF THC products are designed for cannabis. 

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Does ELF THC get you high?

Most ELF THC products contain psychoactive compounds like delta-8 or -9 THC, THCP, and HHC, among others. These products will get you high; the more you take, the more intense the effects will be. 

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How many grams of THC are in an ELF vape?

It depends on the product. ELF5000 vapes pack a whopping 5 grams (or 5000 milligrams) of cannabinoids into each pen. Other ELF vape products offer milder doses. The brand’s 1000 mg pens are also popular options.

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