Special Discounts and Coupons

One of our values is Accessibility. That means making CBD and THC products affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. We work to always have some of the lowest prices anywhere and also want customers to enjoy special discounts. Check back frequently for new specials! Most coupons may not be combined with other offers and have expiration dates.
Use the specific coupon code at checkout.

Spring Sale 🪻

25% OFF Orders $149+

20% OFF Orders $99+ or

15% off sitewide

Use code: SPRING at checkout!

*excludes glass, accessories, & memberships

20% Off
on All Products

First Time Customers

For our first time customers! Enjoy 15% OFF all products!

Use code: FIRST15 at checkout

*excludes glass, accessories, & memberships

15% OFF
on All Products


We love our veterans and honor their service with specials on a regular basis. Check out the latest deal! Veterans only.

Use code: VETERANS at checkout.

20% OFF
on All Flower


The ability to help seniors with their needs is an important part of our business. We also know money can be tight. Check out the latest deal! Seniors (50+).

Use code: SENIORS at checkout.

20% OFF
on CBD Oils/Tinctures

Save 20% on Delta Extrax!

Use code: DELTA20 at checkout.

20% Off
Delta Extrax

Take 15% OFF all 3CHI products

Use code: 3CHI15

15% Off

Save 20% on all Stiiizy Products

Use code: STIIIZY20

20% Off

15% Off All Your Koi Products!

Use code: KOI15 at checkout.

15% Off

Take 20% Off Space Gods Products

Use code: SPACE20

20% Off
Space Gods

15% Off Delta Munchies

Use code: DM15 at checkout.

15% Off
Delta Munchies

Hixotic Products - Save 15%

Use code: HIXOTIC15 at checkout.

15% Off

20% Off MoonWlkr Products

Use code: MOON20 at checkout.

20% Off

Save 15% on Diamond Shruumz!

Use code: DIAMOND15 at checkout.

15% Off
Diamond Shruumz
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Special Discounts and Coupons
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