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Treetop Hemp Co started pioneering the THC world with its premium Delta 8 products. Now they're branching out! Treetop brings the finest THC products including Delta 8, Delta 9, THCa, and more to the market. 

We are no longer able to carry Treetop Hemp Co products. If you loved these products, try their sister brand: Space Gods.

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Treetop Hemp Co wanted to bring their quality and industry-leading practices into different types of THC products. Treetop Hemp uses only domestically grown hemp and hemp extracts in their THC products. Meaning you get high quality and federally legal THC products. 

With an incredible eye for quality, they also provide third-party test results on all of their products. These tests look for quantities of active ingredients, heavy metals, and chemicals, to ensure you're getting premium products. 


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Treetop Hemp Co : Refined Quality THC Products - The Green Dragon CBD
Treetop Hemp Co brings only the finest THC products including Delta 8, Delta 9, THCa, and even more to the market.
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