Alan Steelman Endorses The Green Dragon CBD

A yoga evangelist, best-selling author, global business leader, and ex-congressman Alan Steelman endorses CBD use and The Green Dragon CBD business.

Alan Steelman Endorses THE GREEN DRAGON CBD – video

In this compelling video, Alan Steelman speaks out about the mental crisis facing our country and the need for an overall approach to health and wellness, including yoga, meditation, exercise, nutrition and the use of CBD.  He lends his personal support to the launch of the new CBD business, The Green Dragon CBD ( ). 

The Green Dragon CBD

The mission of the business is to educate consumers and provide access to a tremendous number of brands and product types.  The goal is to help individuals of any demographic to reduce both the mental and physical challenges of today’s world and to make CBD use part of an overall healthy lifestyle for their body and mind. To learn more about using CBD, you can review some of our education materials here: .

The Green Dragon CBD seeks to be a valuable part of the community, improving lives, and not just a profit-driven enterprise.  We seek out key leaders who can reinforce the important messages needed for a healthy mind, body and spirit.   


Alan Steelman’s credentials are truly extraordinary and the life journey he has taken is fascinating.  He began life in Arkansas, son of a Steelworker’s Union member. He then attended Baylor University on a baseball scholarship, graduating president of his class.   Alan launched a remarkable political career and was the youngest member ever elected to the U.S. Congress (R-TX) when elected in 1972.  He was named one of the top 200 young emerging leaders in America by Time Magazine.

His global business career spanned thirty-five years, including eight-years in Singapore as President of the Asia-Pacific region for Alexander Proudfoot culminating in his term as Vice Chairman of the company and Chairman of Board of Advisors, a global group of former Fortune 500 company Chief Executives.

Currently he works with companies and organizations to address the impact of stress and anxiety on company productivity, performance and employee engagement. He has effectively worked with many world leaders and over 1,000 CEOs in top global companies. He speaks to audiences all over the world.

After discovering for himself the healing magic of yoga and meditation, he became a certified yoga instructor, and penned a book to share this message with others and hopefully inspire the “unconverted”: men, African-Americans, Hispanics, seniors and kids/teens/college age students.  Alan’s book, Yoga on the Yellow Brick Road, became a #1 Best-Seller on Amazon.  You can learn more about Alan and purchase his book here:

CBD Testimonial – working together on a common purpose

Alan emphasizes that the message of his book and the message of The Green Dragon CBD business are closely aligned. As Alan says “…I plan to be a customer and I hope that all those who visit the website or come into the store will also find that this is a very good natural way to help cope with the stress and anxiety as well as some of the physical pain that they may be feeling.”

The Green Dragon CBD opened its E-commerce business to serve nationwide customers in October 2019.  The grand opening of their Flagship retail store in Chesterfield, MO is scheduled for December 2, 2019.  Please provide comments or write to us if you would like to provide testimonials to CBD use or the mission.

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