What is HHC-O?

We know. A new combo of random letters is constantly being thrown at you at any given time regarding the latest and greatest cannabinoids to hit the market. It can start to feel like a confusing bowl of alphabet soup! THCa, THCjd, CBG, CBN, D8, D9 (ooh, numbers too!)… Things can feel a little perplexing …

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Canna River: New CBD/CBG/CBN Tincture Line – Product Review

Canna River is a California-based CBD and Delta 8 company offering premium CBD and D8 products made in the USA in small batches, always using non-GMO hemp. The products are crafted with care and third party lab testing ensures guaranteed potency and quality. The Green Dragon CBD offers a range of Canna River products with …

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woman with black cat in her arms

CBD: Optimal Health for Cats

There are endless reasons why people are turning to alternative remedies to alleviate health symptoms and conditions. Pharmaceutical drugs come with a plethora of dangerous side effects, and they often only treat the symptoms of a disease or disorder, without addressing the root cause. This often leaves one dealing with long-term suffering, with no end …

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strong woman in sports bra weight lifting

Can CBD Help Me to Lose Weight?

Wait, doesn’t weed cause the munchies? Don’t cannabis users tend to pig out a couple of hours after smoking or eating cannabis edibles?   Yes yes, the famous, heavy-hitting psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in cannabis flowers is known to cause food cravings, specifically for the salty, sweet and oily “pleasure” foods that don’t always have …

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Thoughts from a Therapist – CBD and Mental Health

Is our psychological health less important than our physical health?  Up until somewhat recently, the western healthcare approach has placed emphasis on treating our physical ailments, while giving little attention to the debilitating effects of mental and psychological imbalances. There is stigma around mental health and many people are left to suffer on the sidelines, …

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CBD For Menopause: Can it Help?

One thing that weed and menopause have in common is stigma.  Cannabis enthusiasts and advocates are aware of the vast amount of ways that the plant can be an ally to humans. Cannabis laws are slowly relaxing and more and more studies are published about the therapeutic and environmental benefits of cannabis every day. Everyday …

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lady smoking vape with cloud around her

THCjd: A Potent and Mysterious Cannabinoid

The cannabis world’s excitement surrounding the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids have triggered a revolution of sorts. For years, THC was the focal point in cannabis discussions in regards to its psychoactive qualities and various therapeutic benefits. Then came CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid offering further benefits. These two compounds are the heavy hitters of the cannabis …

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man holding head in hands for cbd for anxiety blog

Can CBD Help Manage Anxiety?

Almost everyone has felt anxiety at some point, in one way or another. Worrying about future outcomes, apprehension or dread surrounding social interactions, and stress caused by external circumstances are just a few of the many ways one can experience symptoms of anxiety. Throw in a pandemic, constant environmental disasters, ongoing wars and rapidly rising …

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cannabis bud next to oil

Is CBD the Same as Marijuana?

Cannabis laws have undergone a huge overhaul in the last decade. Currently cannabis is legalized in 19 states and decriminalized in 12 states in the USA. (Learn the difference between legalization and decriminalization here.) As laws loosen up, the stigma around cannabis use continues to diminish. This has resulted in more and more people looking …

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