CBD For Your Pet: 7 Key Benefits Of Giving Your Pet CBD Oil

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Your pet is a part of your family, so you'll do anything to make your furry friend comfortable and healthy. With CBD oil all over the news these days, you may wonder if giving your pet CBD oil is a good option. Your pet can experience many of the same benefits of CBD oil as you do. CBD oil for pets can offer relief for specific health conditions. It can also support overall well-being.  Those perks let your pet live a happier and healthier life. You may also be able to cut down on the prescription medications your pet has.

We've put together a list of seven benefits of using CBD oil with your pet. Keep reading to discover what it can do for your pet.

1. Reduced Anxiety

Do you think humans are the only ones to suffer from stress and anxiety? Pets can also deal with those feelings, and it can interfere with their quality of life.

Animals are often afraid of loud noises, such as thunder. They may also have separation anxiety with an estimated 14% of dogs suffering from it at least, and some estimates as high as 20-40%. Others get nervous when they get in the car or experience new situations or people. Anxiety can show up in many ways, including restlessness, pacing, or panting excessively. Some dogs get aggressive or destructive. Others may drool, bark excessively, or go to the bathroom in the house.

Whatever causes your pet issues, CBD may help reduce those feelings of anxiety, fear, and stress. It has a calming effect that can help your pet stay in a better mental space. It may help with depression in your pet as well.

Decreasing those signs of anxiety also makes you feel better. It could save you from having your furniture shredded or cleaning your pet's accidents.

2. Pain Relief

One of the main reasons people choose CBD oil is to help with pain relief. Your pet can receive those same pain-relieving benefits.

Pets may have chronic pain from health conditions or temporary pain from an injury, surgery, or other condition.  Your vet may prescribe a powerful pain reliever for your pet. It may work, but it may also come with serious side effects, including the risk of overdose. 

No matter what type of pain your pet has, CBD oil could help ease it more naturally than prescription pain relievers. Less pain keeps your pet feeling comfortable.

It may also allow your pet to do more. With less pain, it might be easier for him to move around or do normal activities that are usually too painful. Pain relief can improve the quality of life for your furry friend.

3. Natural Anti-Convulsant / Epilepsy Help

CBD is known for helping to control convulsions. That includes seizures, tics, tremors, and spasms. If your pet suffers from convulsions, the CBD oil could help minimize those uncontrollable movements. It's been shown to cut down on the length of seizures. It may also help reduce the overall number of seizures your pet has.

While seizures aren't generally dangerous to pets, they can be distressing for you to watch. They can also cause anxiety in your pet. Cutting down on seizure activity can make you both feel better.

If your pet is currently taking anti-seizure medicine, CBD could be a more natural option. Always work with your veterinarian to ensure your pet's medical conditions are properly managed.

4. Nausea and Digestive Relief

CBD is thought to help with nausea and vomiting. If your pet vomits regularly, giving him CBD oil may help. 

It's also nice to have on hand for occasional nausea and vomiting. Every pet owner has dealt with a vomiting pet at some point. Offering CBD to control it can help your pet feel better and cut down on the cleaning you have to do. CBD may also help if your pet isn't eating much, possible due to nausea or other issues. Some pets tend to lose their appetite with age. Not eating can leave your pet without the necessary nutrients and cause weakness.

CBD oil is known to boost appetite, which may encourage your pet to eat. This ensures he gets the nutrients he needs from his food. Getting that food into your pet's system can also help with the recovery if nausea and loss of appetite are due to an illness.

Inflammatory bowel disease is another digestive issue that may benefit from CBD. It can help improve gut functioning to minimize the effects of the condition.

5. Cancer Symptoms

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, CBD oil could help. Some research shows that CBD has an anti-tumor effect. That means it could stop the tumors from growing. Using CBD oil may help other treatment methods be more effective.

CBD oil's pain-relieving effect may also help if your pet suffers from the pain and other symptoms associated with cancer.

6. Anti-Inflammatory

CBD oil is an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is linked to a number of medical conditions in pets and humans. It can also cause uncomfortable side effects and pain for your pet.

By reducing inflammation in your pet's body, CBD oil may help control those conditions caused by inflammation. It can also make your pet feel more comfortable.

Arthritis is one particular condition that may affect your pet due to inflammation. Giving your pet CBD may ease the discomfort of arthritis and slow its progression. It may help to reduce the inflammation in the joints that makes it painful and difficult for your pet to move.

7. Overall Well-Being

You don't have to save CBD oil to treat a specific condition for your pet. The oil can support your pet's overall wellness.

Research shows that CBD may support cardiovascular health. It may help reduce vascular damage.

That overall wellness support can make your pet healthier and improve the overall quality of life. For this benefit, pet owners give the CBD oil on a daily basis similar to any supplement.

Giving Your Pet CBD Oil

Is giving your pet CBD oil or CBD treats something you're considering? It can have many positive benefits for both specific conditions and general wellness. 

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CBD For Your Pet: 7 Key Benefits Of Giving Your Pet CBD Oil
Has a recent move left your pet stressed? Do storms make them anxious? Do they experience joint pain? Learn how giving your pet CBD oil can benefit them.
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CBD For Your Pet: 7 Key Benefits Of Giving Your Pet CBD Oil
March 5, 2024
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