Delta 8 THC + Kush Burst Delta-8 Gummies

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Delta 8 continues to take the CBD market by storm and they’ve now entered the arena with fun, delicious Delta 8 gummies. Kush Burst has released a powerful line of Delta 8 gummies that come in a line of packages bursting with flavor! Have you heard about Kush Burst? How about Delta 8 THC? Learn with us and continue to read on!

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant, just like other cannabinoids such as Delta 9 THC and CBD, etc. It is made in a lab by converting CBD or other cannabinoids into Delta 8 THC through a chemical reaction. Delta 8 THC has resonated with many because it provides a similar mental high and body relaxation as Delta 9 THC found in marijuana, yet it doesn’t provide many with anxiety or paranoia side effects that some experience with Delta 9 THC. Many have found specific positive effects from Delta 8 THC including a focused mental high, euphoria, pain relief, appetite increase, anxiety reduction, sleep improvement and other effects dependent on the strain.

The key difference between this cannabinoid and CBD is that CBD is found in hemp and provides relaxation and overall body wellness without any high. Delta 8 THC is federally legal as part of the amendment to the 2018 Farm Bill that specifically legalized cannabinoids and products from hemp as long as the Delta 9 THC concentrations were less than 0.3%.  We are excited to offer a variety of Delta 8 THC products from trusted brands at The Green Dragon CBD. You can learn even more about Delta 8 THC here.

What Are Delta 8 THC Gummies?

Delta 8 THC gummies are hemp-derived and flavor-packed so that you can enjoy ingesting your Delta 8 without having to worry about other forms of consumption such as an oil or tincture or vaping. This is a preferred method for many because it is enjoyable to eat, it is convenient and it is easy to understand the perfect dosage.

How Do You Take Delta 8 THC Gummies?

It’s important to understand your dosage when you ingest Delta 8 THC gummies. These differ from CBD and do provide a high so you need to understand what dosage makes sense for you and be sure that you are safe and not driving while using them! Once you’re ready to enjoy some Delta 8 gummies, you’ll need to understand how many milligrams are in the total package and how many milligrams are contained in each gummy. For example, in the Kush Burst Gummies, there is 500mg in a 10 pack and 50mg of Delta 8 per gummy. You may start by taking a 1/4 or 1/2 of a gummy and allowing yourself to feel the effects before eating one completely.

It may be difficult to crystalize how long the effects of delta 8 THC can last. Some may say that effects last for twelve hours but they can very much be unique to the individual. This also may be attributed to the type of product you are using to take Delta 8 THC. While other methods like vaping Delta 8 may cause immediate effects and last several hours, eating gummies will take longer to feel the effects because it needs to pass fully through the digestive system. It can take 30-40 minutes before beginning to enter the bloodstream and effects can last up to twelve hours.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The entourage effect is a theory that “various cannabis compounds work together to create unique effects and benefits. A recommendation may be to try taking CBD gummies with your Delta 8 gummies to extend and enhance the effect allowing the cannabinoids to work together for a synergistic feeling.

Who is Kush Burst?

Kush Burst is known for its premium Delta 8 gummy products and contains organic ingredients. These Kush Burst products are infused for maximum potency and all products are lab-tested to ensure the best quality. Their Kush Burst Delta 8 gummies include the flavors of Juicy Pineapple, Sour Apple, Watermelon Bliss, White Peach and Blue Raspberry. Let’s take a closer look at some of these flavors!

Kush Burst Delta 8 Gummy - Watermelon Bliss

This 10 pack contains organic, gluten-free, hemp-derived Delta 8 gummies. The Watermelon Bliss full-bodied flavor brings a mix of watermelon candy and juice.

When we asked one of our customers about this flavor they said…

“My wife and I love taking these when the kids go to bed after a stressful day. We always feel so relaxed and have so much fun. It’s brought us closer together and helps with our stress.” - Denny

kush burst delta 8 watermelon gummies

Kush Burst Delta 8 Gummy - Blue Raspberry

Additionally, this flavor all comes in a 10 pack and contains organic, gluten-free, hemp-derived Delta 8 gummies. The Blue Raspberry edition is great for mental euphoria and relaxation. Not to mention, it brings the fruity flavor of raspberry and blueberries!

A couple of consumers from The Green Dragon CBD shared their experience with this product…

“I’ve been using the Delta 8 gummies for a few days now and I love them. I’ve been taking one gummy at the end of my day to relax and help with stress. Amazing.” - Steve

“I am in love with these gummies. I have been using medical marijuana for a while now but never liked how much anxiety I got when I used it. These are not only anxiety-free but work really, really well.” - Stephanie

kush burst delta 8 gummies in blue raspberry

 Kush Burst Delta 8 Gummy - Sour Apple

Another in this product line is the Sour Apple flavor. This product is great for those that are looking for an uplifting experience that still allows you to chill out. In addition to this, this flavor packs sweet and sour by including sour punch and a burst of fruity juice. 

Another happy customer…

 "My mom is 82 and has chronic pain and arthritis. I’ve been giving her Delta 8 and CBD together to help treat it and I can tell she feels so much better. It’s so great seeing her being her old, happy self." - David and Rebecca

kush burst delta 8 gummies in green apple

Kush Burst Delta 8 Gummy - Juicy Pineapple

Enjoying a taste of an island getaway can instantly be enjoyed with these Juicy Pineapple Kush Burst Delta 8 gummies. These are another addition to the line to enjoy for relaxation and a peaceful sensation. 

These gummies are always a crowd favorite!

“These are really powerful gummies! I started with a half of one to help with my hip/back pain and it took the edge off. Sometimes if the pain is really bad I’ll take a whole one.” - Ava

“My sleep has dramatically improved since I started taking these before bed, I couldn’t be happier.” - Eric

 “Great way to get pain relief without pain meds. I take a half of a gummy at a time and just love how they make me feel.” - Skye

kush burst delta 8 gummies in juicy pineapple

Kush Burst Delta 8 Gummies Recommended Dosage

Another fun distinction of the Kush Burst Delta 8 gummies are their recommended dosage advice. When they advise customers on taking their gummers they recommend the following usage:

  • 1/4 Gummy – Anytime
  • 1/2 Gummy – In The Feels
  • 3/4 Gummy – Chill Mode
  • 1 Gummy – Life’s a Party

Give this a try and let us know what your sweet spot is! Of course, take these recommendations lightly. Better understand the key indicators in understanding your dosage needs in this guide.


Now that you were able to learn a bit more about Delta 8 THC, what do you think? Delta 8 THC is a great alternative for those who are looking for something different than CBD, or someone that is looking for the same effects of THC without any feelings of paranoia. The Delta 8 space has transformed with its line of tinctures, vape juice, and gummies. Kush Burst Delta 8 gummies are renowned for their gluten-free, organic, and high-quality varieties including blue raspberry, sour apple, watermelon bliss, and juicy pineapple. If you’re looking to try one of the new Kush Burst gummies, let us know what you think! What’s your best dosage? Are you in chill mode? 

Delta 8 THC + Kush Burst Delta-8 Gummies
Kush Burst Delta 8 gummies come in amazing flavors and have 50mg of Delta 8 each! Get that euphoria and relaxation. Be responsible and enjoy!
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Delta 8 THC + Kush Burst Delta-8 Gummies
September 11, 2023
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