Enhance Your Self-Care Routine With CBD

Brie Lowrey

Self-care is universal in the sense that it’s healthy to do for every single person. However, self-care is relative in the fact that it’s basically a choose-your-own-adventure. Self-care is not a one-size-fits-all thing, but everyone can benefit from performing acts of daily self-care.

You may already have a self-care routine set that you’re looking to enhance with CBD or maybe you are interested in creating a self-care routine that includes CBD. When it comes to adding CBD (or THC, for that matter) to your daily routine, you first must figure out what types of products will work with your schedule. Adding CBD to your self-care routine shouldn’t be stressful, it should be the complete opposite!

In this blog, we will talk about how CBD can help enhance your self-care, how to do it, and how to stick with it. You will also see how many of our Green Dragon CBD employees have CBD and THC in their own personal self-care routines.


CBD, which is short for cannabidiol, is a chemical compound found naturally in plants like hemp. This is the non-psychoactive chemical in the plant, so you won’t get “high” or feel any euphoric effects from taking CBD products.

CBD works with your body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system). Every human (and some of your pets, too!) have an ECS that helps regulate the healthy functioning of your immune system, blood vessels, organs, and more. Your ECS has CB1 and CB2 receptors that respond to CBD (and THC, for that matter). If your ECS is off-balance, that’s when you can feel sick, have sleep issues, see acne, have changes in your mood, and more.

Some benefits of CBD include anti-inflammatory effects, mental health management, sleep aid, neuroprotective properties, heart health, pain management, increased focus, and more. When you use CBD products, they can help you regain the balance of your ECS. To learn more about how your ECS works, read our blog here.

There are so many CBD products to choose from! Some have extra additives such as melatonin for sleep. Other CBD products include vapes, flower, pre-rolls, tinctures/oils, gummies, and capsules. If you’re looking to enhance your self-care routine with CBD, you’re sure to find something that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.


Self-care is the act of keeping yourself healthy. Self-care is usually split up into three major components – physical, mental, and spiritual. The best thing about self-care (other than the fact that it makes you feel dang good) is that the definition is so versatile that you can define it in any way that works for you.

Self-care is something you do that helps take care of your health and well-being. Since everyone is different and every body is different, that means self-care looks quite different for practically everyone. Self-care can range from taking 5 deep breaths before walking into an anxious situation to having a 2 hour exercise routine that keeps you grounded and everything in between. You can make it your own and tweak and change it along the way to suit your lifestyle.


CBD can be super beneficial to maintaining healthy functions and, frankly, just feeling good. There are so many ways you can add CBD to your self-care routine, the best way to find out what works best for you is to try different products out!

For example, here are some components of self-care that you can use CBD to enhance.


Quite a few people use CBD as a sleep aid. Taking CBD at night by adding CBD oil into your tea or taking a CBD capsule can aid in getting you to sleep and keeping you asleep throughout the night. Though, some sleep products have added melatonin to amp up the sleep aid effects. So, if you’re someone that isn’t allergic to melatonin, these products might better suit you.


Using CBD for exercise is hugely beneficial. CBD can act as a pre-workout and recovery. Using topicals for helping with joint pain and arthritis or adding CBD oil into your pre-workout are great ways to incorporate CBD into your exercise routine. Plus, read about CBD and fat loss here.

Body, Face, Skin

Caring for your body, face, and skin may seem self-indulgent, but taking care of your skin (the biggest organ on your body) is so important. Try using a CBD bath bomb, face mask, and patch for the ultimate spa day.

You can also use CBD oil topically by adding a carrier oil to your CBD oil, read more about how to do that here. Read more about how CBD can boost your skincare routine here.

Mental Health

CBD can help manage anxiety, stress, depression, and other mental health issues. Using a vape pen, capsules, or oils can be beneficial to managing your mental health. Utilizing CBD along with your meditation routine can be helpful in working together.

Time With Your Pet

Self-care means you’re working on yourself, so why am I bringing up your pet? Well, some self-care may look like snuggling and hanging out with your furry friend. Our pets also suffer from anxiety and pain, this can put us in pain, so why wouldn’t we care for them? You can shop for pet products here. Read more about giving CBD to your pet here.

Adding CBD to your self-care routine can be as simple as adding drops to your evening tea or you can make it as its own priority like sitting down to vape CBD. Again, the beauty of self-care is that you can make it your own thing, including how to add CBD into your routine.


THC is another cannabinoid that you can add to your self-care routine. You can use THC for stronger and some different benefits than CBD, recreationally for the euphoric effects, or both! If you don’t like feeling high, but you want the added benefits THC can give you, try microdosing.

THC comes in so many different products such as flower, pre-rolls, gummies, chocolate bars, cereal bars, vape pens, vape carts, tinctures, dabs, and more! You can find different strengths, flavors, and strains in THC. Whether you want the euphoric high or just the benefits, you can find your perfect product, strength, and strain.


Our team members believe in the benefits of CBD and THC products – that’s why they are here! Read how some of our team members use CBD and THC in their self-care routines.

“The CBD topicals are really an important part of dealing with occasional neck pain that I get or from joint pain once golf season is back!  I use the Green Roads Cooling Relief whenever needed and the great thing is you can do it as often as you like.” -David J., Co-Founder & CFO

“CBD has become a staple in my self-care routine! We are going on 2 years and counting! I ALWAYS dose at night to help me get better sleep, and the effects tend to pass over into the next day too, but in a good way! Occasionally, depending on the day ahead, I may dose in the morning as well! I mainly incorporated CBD to help regulate my sleep cycle, reduce anxiety, and improve my memory, but it has helped with that and so much more! Xx” -Hannah S., Retail Associate & Social Media Field Reporter

“I like to start my mornings with my CBD tincture. It gets my body and mind in the zone to take on the day! It makes me happier and stress/ pain free to start my day. During the middle of the day I use vapeable products for on the spot relief. Using Delta 8 and 10 gives me relief without making me too out of mind. I can still function and do what I need to and be productive while getting the relief I need. In the evenings I will usually smoke a joint to shake off the day’s stress, to ease into my evening and sleep. If my pain is strong I will also add an edible into the mix but usually reserve that for weekends or days off. If I’ve been super active during the day, say I took a hike or went skateboarding, I’ll apply some topical pain cream to some areas to ensure the soreness is minimal.” -Kyle F., Assistant Store Manager, St. Peters

“My journey starts every morning with my CBD oil. Currently I am using Lazarus Naturals CBD/CBG tincture to assist me with my mood and anxiety before a busy day. Once I get off work I like to enjoy either some flower or a vape to help me wind down. Currently I am utilizing Dazed 8 Zkittles HHC flower and vape wise  a Dazed 8 Blenz Cherry Gushers cart. This helps me relax after a long day while I cook for the family. I end my day with Delta 8 gummies to assist me in getting excellent sleep. While the other cannabinoid gummies have their purpose, Delta 8 is one of the only cannabinoids that keep me down all night! Right now I am using MoonWlkr Cucumber Lime gummies. They are the best flavor, with an even better effect!” -Gary S., Operations Manager

“So everyday I take my CBDFX Turmeric and spirulina gummies. Usually one in the morning after breakfast and one in the evening after dinner. On the weekends I like to take a whole THCJD+ THC-H Gummies to help elevate my mood after a work week and to just decompress all I’ve done that week. In the winter time when my skin is really dry I use Dermathereal CBD Body Butter Moisturizer on my body right after a nice shower. My fiance and I usually use one of our Bath bombs as a foot soak whenever we’ve been up all day on our feet and our dogs need a rest. Other than that I use various THC smokables to help with my pain and anxiety. Right now I’m really enjoying the Space Gods Pomegranate Planet Liquid Diamonds vape pen and it really helps calm down my stress and anxiety.” -Heiress W., Retail Store Manager, Chesterfield

“To finish off any day, I love to mellow out with a nice hybrid. After dinner comes a strong indica, with snacks to put me to sleep. :)” -Mathew M., Assistant Store Manager, St. Peters

“My self care routine with CBD and THC is I use the Canna River wellness tincture in the morning. It gives me more energy throughout the day and helps me stay motivated. Not only do I use that but in the evening I’ll put on one of the good patches depending on what mood I’m in depends on what patch I want to use but those have also helped a lot in my self care routine.😊 -Sammie R., Warehouse Manager

“I currently have a tendon that’s stuck under my knee cap and continuously use a thc-o vape pen during the day to keep from having to use an opioid for pain. The thc-o is very effective for my pain, I would recommend it for anyone who functions well with it.” -Sam P., Warehouse Associate

“I tend to use all of my products at night/in the evenings. I have such a low tolerance and I can be super sensitive to the effects. I usually add the Lazarus Naturals Ultra Wellness Tincture into my bedtime tea – I love all of the cannabinoids working together! As soon as I get into bed, I break a square of the Delta Extrax Live Resin Chocolates (Cookies ‘N Cream is SO GOOD!)  in half and let it dissolve on my tongue. These chocolate bars have been my main relief from insomnia! I sleep all through the night with them now.”Brie L., Customer Engagement Manager

“My dad gives me these really yummy treats [Honest Paws – Wellness Bites] every morning. They taste really good and I look forward to eating them every morning!” -Gimli J., Chief Barketing Officer & Office Pup


Making anything into a habit is hard. Even if that thing is enjoyable and/or good for you. Unfortunately, most people don’t prioritize self-care or taking care of themselves. Self-care is extremely important, so you have to create a routine that is easy to follow and to fit into your day.

Here are some tips on how to create and stick to a self-care routine:

  1. Create a BIG list of self-care acts that you can do. Having a list you can go to that acts as a grab and go activity can help on those days you didn’t plan out self-care.
  2. Choose doable routines. Figure out how much time you have for self-care (i.e. 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc.) and make a list of the things you can do in those time frames.
  3. Have a list of self-care activities that you actually enjoy. If there’s a habit that you’re going to stick with, it’ll be the one that you like over the one that you don’t. Pick activities that you already enjoy doing and make sure those are on your list.
  4. Plan your self-care activity in advance and then add it to your to-do list. This acts as a double whammy because you are participating in your self-care AND you get to cross something off your to-do list.
  5. Keep track of what you do and how it makes you feel. Especially when it comes to enhancing your self-care routine with CBD (and THC), keeping track of how different products and strains make you feel. Try keeping a cannabis journal and you will find your favorite product easily.
  6. Take CBD (or THC) at the same time every day. Take CBD when you are taking your vitamins. Add CBD oil to your morning coffee or evening tea. Use your THC vape as you’re settling into bed. Adding CBD and THC to your self-care routine can be easy just by adding it to something you’re already doing in your day.


Adding CBD and/or THC to enhance your self-care routine is not only beneficial, but it’s extremely easy to do as well! If you’re struggling with how to find the perfect product that will fit into your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to contact us or pop into one of our retail stores. We look forward to helping you.

Enhance Your Self-Care Routine With CBD
As CBD grows in popularity, adding it into your self-care routine is a no-brainer. There are many ways to incorporate it! Read to find out!
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Enhance Your Self-Care Routine With CBD
January 4, 2024
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