Hemp Living Dabs Product Review

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Hemp Living is one of our notable brands and their employees stand behind every single product they release. They create beautifully packaged products that are pesticide-free, locally sourced (Wisconsin), and organic. They create premium products in many varieties, strengths, and strains so each customer can walk away with something they are excited about. 

Hemp Living’s Dab Waxes are some of their leading products, so we HAD to have them! Let’s take a look at these dabs from Hemp Living. 

What Are Dabs?

different forms of wax dabs

Dabs are concentrated forms of a compound like CBD or THC. Through an extraction process the concentrate comes out like sticky oils. Dabs can come in different forms of this oil with names such as wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil. Dabbing is a popular way to experience THC because of how fast-acting it is and the users have the immediate effects of the product. Dabbing, at its core, is just another way to inhale THC, but since the USPS and all other major carriers have banned the shipment of vaping products (as of 10/21/2021) you might see a rise of dab waxes on the market.

How To Dab

Dabbing isn’t JUST an outdated dance that millennials and older don’t understand, it’s a way to use different dab concentrates and get that Delta 8, Delta 10 THC, or HHC experience. There are a number of ways to dab and this, in part, depends on what type of dabs you have. The dabs we currently carry are technically a dab wax. Dab wax is one of the easiest concentrates to use and can be used with any dab rig or pen you’d like to use. The idea behind any dab is to heat the concentrate and inhale the vapors created by heating it. Each dab device is different in how to use it, so check the instructions before you start dabbing.

The dab device we carry is the Vaporig from Delta Extrax*. It’s a portable and easy-to-use device. It is super easy to use, very discreet, and portable! One of the neat things about this rig is that you don’t need to heat up your wax prior to using it, the nail (the tip you dip in the wax) heats up the concentrate on impact. Just make sure you have your dab wax on a surface that is clean and is heat resistant.  We can't ship this product due to regulations, but it's available in store or you can find a similar device in your local area.

To read on about the many different types of dab rigs and devices, check out this article.

Hemp Living Delta 8, Delta 10, & HHC Dabs

various strains of dabs by hemp living

Hemp Living Delta 8, Delta 10, and HHC dabs come in a variety of amazing and high quality strains. Because of the large, curated selection of these dabs, you are sure to find your perfect match.

Delta 8 Dabs Reviews

Delta 8 THC is similar to Delta 9 THC in regards to being an intoxicating substance, especially in larger doses. It creates the similar mental euphoria and health benefits that Delta 9 does but without the negative side effects, but also with a bit less intoxication or fogginess. If you’d like to read more on Delta 8 and the benefits of using Delta 8 products, read on here.

When looking at any type of THC products, there are three words you should pay attention to: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Indica will provide a more calming feeling. Sativa is uplifting and gives you energy. Hybrids have varying degrees of balance between the two with some products providing a more Sativa or Indica dominant feeling. To get more comfortable with these words, read our blog on how to find your perfect strain here.

Hemp Living Delta 8 dabs are great for immediately feeling the benefits of Delta 8, check out what others are saying about them.  


“I’ve been loving the new dabs. I’ve tried two or three and they’re all really tasty, this one’s my favorite so far though. Best flavor.” -Traci


“Cleaned my whole house after taking a couple of these dabs. The crazy part is I had fun doing it haha. It’s been a really good way to help deal with my stress and hectic life.” -Benny


“My friends and I tried these dabs for the first time together over the weekend and goodness they were good. I’ve been a smoker for years and wasn’t really expecting them to be as effective as they were.” -Mandi

Delta 10 Dabs Reviews

Delta 10 THC is another of the hundreds of cannabinoids that are naturally-occurring in hemp and cannabis plants. Its effects can be expected to be similar to Delta 8 THC, but less intoxicating, more mild. If you are new to Delta 10, but an experienced dab-user, these dabs might be a good place to try Delta 10. The strains you’ll find in these dabs are similar to those you’ll find in Delta 8 THC products and should be treated as such. In fact, there is a good portion of Delta 8 in these dabs as well, creating a potent combination. The strain profiles don’t change in type of effects, only in strength. Since Delta 10 is a newer cannabinoid, there are few products out, so try these Delta 10 dabs from Hemp Living! If you’d like to read a little more on Delta 10, check out our blog here

Delta 10 Dabs from Hemp Living are one of a kind and getting noticed quickly! See what some of our customers love about them!


“Nice fruity/floral taste and aroma, good body buzz. Gives you a relaxed, warm fuzzies feeling!” -Melissa P.


“I can feel the stress leaving my body after just one hit. I have really high blood pressure due to stress and I used marijuana in the past to help relax. That seemed to make my anxiety worse but still helped with the stress. This has been perfect for me. Less stress and no anxiety.” -Jerry


“Nice, relaxed vibe from this variety.” -Melinda

HHC Dabs Reviews

HHC, or Hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids that is found in the cannabis plant. It can be found naturally in the seeds and pollen, but in such small quantities that scientists had to find a way to synthetically create it. The end-product of that process is chemically the same as naturally-occurring hemp. HHC has the same general benefits of other THC products, but some specific benefits are chronic pain management, promote deeper and more restorative sleep, reduce nausea and vomiting, and reduce anxiety. In addition to these benefits, HHC can be less potent than Delta 8, milligram-per-milligram, making it a better option if you like the benefits of THC but don't like the "high" that comes with it. Another highlight of this cannabinoid is that, so far, testimonials are saying that it won't show up on a drug test. Without the proper research, don’t let the “potential” for these products not showing up on a drug test hurt your job security. Read more on HHC here.

With that being said, customers are enjoying the Hemp Living HHC dabs. Check out some reviews!


"The Cherry Pie has been great for my headaches. As soon as I feel one coming on I take a couple hits and it stops it in its tracks! It’s also been helping with my other pains in my back and knees." -Joe


"One of my favorites for in the morning before work. It’s really hard to stay motivated now that i work from home and I can really tell that these have been helping." -Matt


"If you need a good night’s sleep this strain is great for that. I’ve always had pretty bad insomnia and this has helped me greatly, thank you!" -Bradley

Choosing Hemp Living

Hemp Living is straightforward and to the point with their lab tested, pesticide-free, and organic products. Finding the perfect dab wax for you shouldn’t be difficult with the many varieties of strains available to you in your choice of Delta 8, Delta 10, or HHC.

Let us know which dabs by Hemp Living you try and what you like about them!

Hemp Living Dabs Product Review
Hemp Living's Dabs are the perfect way to feel the immediate effects of Delta 8 and Delta 10. Read this blog to learn more about dabs!
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Hemp Living Dabs Product Review
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