Picking a THC Molecule Tattoo

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Cannabis is more than just a plant, it’s a lifestyle. What better way to show the world that you’re ‘bout that life than some fresh ink? As a very tattooed person, I can let you in on an insider secret that maybe you might not know; tattoos are permanent. Tattoos are, as Squints Palledorous would say, "for-ev-er". So, you better make sure you get it right the first time, and there’s more that goes into getting it right than just getting it inked. 

You’ll need to pick the molecule you want (remember, there’s more than one type of THC) as well as the perfect style for you. Once you’ve decided on that, you need to pick a shop and an artist to make sure the job gets done right. Then once you have your new tattoo, you need to know how to take care of it so that it stays perfect forever. If this seems like a lot, don’t worry, The Green Dragon has everything you need to make sure that new tattoo comes out exactly how you want it so that you can live with ‘No Ragrets’.

Picking a Molecule

The first step in getting the right THC molecule tattoo is going to be choosing the right kind of THC design. There are several varieties of THC molecule, so instead of just inking the first molecule you find on google, take some time to make sure you’re getting the one you want.

Delta 9 THC

When people think of THC, most are thinking of what is known is Delta-9 THC. It is the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana (cannabis) but it can also be derived and concentrated from hemp plants. On the Delta-9 THC molecule, the double-double carbon bond is between the 9 and 10 carbon molecules. If you want to get a THC molecule tattoo, this is probably going to be the THC design you want to use.


Delta 10 THC

Delta 10 THC is a synthetic isomer of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that is typically synthesized from the cannabidiol (CBD) found in hemp plants. Since it is derived from hemp, Delta 10 THC is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. It has similar psychoactive effects to Delta 9 THC. From a molecular standpoint, Delta 10 THC has a double-double carbon bond between the 10 and 10a carbon molecules. It’s a subtle difference but you want to make sure you’re getting the right THC molecule when picking a tattoo.


Delta 8 THC

Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in hemp that is usually extracted and concentrated. Because it is derived from hemp, it is federally legal. Again, like Delta 9 and Delta 10, the molecular structure of Delta 8 is identical to other THC molecules minus the location the double-double carbon bond, which for Delta 8 is between the 8 and 9 carbon molecules. 



THC-O acetate is a synthesized cannabinoid that is created by treating hemp-derived Delta 8 THC with a chemical called acetic anhydride. Its molecular structure has a more noticeable difference from those of Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10 THC molecules, but still could be easily confused with them if you aren’t paying close attention.



Maybe you are one of the many people who have fallen in love with the therapeutic benefits of CBD and are looking to get a tattoo to celebrate it. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with a wide range of therapeutic effects. Again, it also has a similar molecular structure to the other THC molecules, so if you’re looking for a CBD tattoo, make sure it looks like this.


Picking a Style

Next thing you need to do is decide what style you want your tattoo in. With something like a THC molecule, you aren’t going to be able to explore classic tattoo styles like American traditional or Japanese traditional (unless you get really creative) but there are still plenty of options.

Black and Grey vs. Color

Do you want a simple design with just black and grey lines or does color better represent your style? With a THC molecule, it’s easy to go either way so choose whichever style feels right to you. You could even incorporate additional elements or styles like watercolor, which is a popular tattoo style these days.

Line Thickness and Size

With different needles, a tattoo artist can make lines of varying thickness so deciding how thick you want the lines is important. Also, the size of the tattoo will make a difference on how thick those lines can be, as well as how they’ll hold up over time. Remember, the ink well naturally spread a little over time, so a very small tattoo with very thin lines could end up looking blurry or blown out after many years of aging. It’s best to heed your artist’s advice in these situations. If they tell you that it’s too small or too thin, they’re probably right.

Picking a Shop and Artist

tattoo artist

Once you’ve decided on what you want your tattoo to look like, it’s incredibly important that you pick a shop and artist that are going to give you exactly what you’re hoping for. Picking a clean, reputable shop is important because remember, you’re asking somebody to jab you a couple thousand times with a needle, and infections are possible. A good artist can make sure you get your tattoo in the safest, least painful way possible, and that the tattoo looks great for years to come.

Do Your Research

A great first step is to ask your friends who have tattoos if they have recommendations on shops and artists that they have used in the past. Look up those shops and artists on the internet, check the reviews available to make sure that customers are satisfied with their experiences. You can also typically find artists’ portfolios and previous work on their Instagram pages, which is a great way to get a feel for the type of work that artist does. It is also a good idea to visit the shop before getting the tattoo, that way you can get an idea of the cleanliness of the shop. You can even set up a consult with the artist so that you can make sure you’re both on the same page in terms of style, size, and pricing before setting an appointment. Some shops have a shop minimum or only take cash, and this is good information to have before getting started.

Make an Appointment

The next step is to make an appointment. A lot of shops do take walk-ins but when you’re committing to something for the rest of your life, it’s usually best to plan ahead. Pick a shop and an artist, then give them a call to schedule your appointment. They should be able to give you a price as well as how long your tattoo will take to complete so that you know how to schedule your time.

Tipping your Artist

Without knowing what your personal opinions are on tipping, I can tell you that it is customary to tip your artist for a job well done (and trust me, they’ll remember you if you don’t). A tip between 20% and 30% of the price of the tattoo would be considered appropriate, but you probably don’t want to go any less than 15% if you want to maintain a good relationship with your artist.

How to Care for a Tattoo

Now that you have your tattoo, you want to take excellent care of it so that it heals appropriately and looks good for the rest of your life. 

Cover Your Tattoo

While your tattoo is healing, you want to keep it clean and covered. Many shops these days use a product called Tegaderm which is a sterile transparent bandage that will keep your tattoo safe and clean during the first day or two of the healing process. You can also buy Tegaderm online or at your local drug store. It’s also important to avoid direct sunlight while your tattoo heals. Wear loose fitting, sun protective clothing while it heals but do not put sunscreen over the tattoo until it is fully healed.

Keep Your Tattoo Washed and Clean

Once the covering on your tattoo is removed, you want to first wash your hands with an antibacterial soap, then gently wash the tattoo with warm water and a fragrance-free soap. Pat the skin dry with a soft, clean towel and then gently apply a fragrance and alcohol-free moisturizer. Some shops provide detailed aftercare instructions and some will even provide or sell a moisturizer specifically designed for a new tattoo.

What Not to Do

  • Wear tight clothing (it can irritate the tattoo and prolong the healing process)
  • Scratch or pick at the tattoo
  • Apply sunblock before the tattoo is healed
  • Go swimming or fully immerse the tattoo in water (stick to showers until it’s healed)

For detailed tattoo aftercare instructions, just click here.

Are you ready to get your THC molecule tattoo? If you get one, let us know in the comments or post to social media and tag us in it! We can't wait to see!

Picking a THC Molecule Tattoo
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Picking a THC Molecule Tattoo
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