What is a Blunt versus a Joint?

Amanda Russell

Pass the … what? Blunt? Joint? Jay? Hey, what’s the difference anyway? Well, before you take that hit, we’re here to give you the low-down on what makes a joint different from a blunt and how that impacts your experience when smoking CBD or Delta 8. 

What is a Blunt?

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Blunt (n): the life of the party. A blunt is a popular smoking method for consumers who are looking to burn (commonly shared among a larger group of people). The key distinction between a blunt vs. a joint comes down to how it is rolled. A blunt is always rolled in cigar tobacco paper. This means that when you smoke a blunt, you are ingesting nicotine from the tobacco leaf paper. A 2016 study analyzed several cigar brands that are commonly used to roll blunts, to measure the nicotine content on average and how that compares to cigarettes. In this research, it was concluded that there was 1.2 to 6.0 milligrams of nicotine per wrapper compared to cigarettes that have 10 to 12 milligrams on average. 

Blunts are constructed in two different ways. Typically, a cigar is hollowed out from its previous content and then filled with ground CBD flower or Delta 8 flower. Tobacco leaf papers can also be purchased separately, which is a more convenient alternative. Blunts are easily recognizable in their appearance. Since they are made from tobacco leaf paper, they are typically dark brown or tan and are larger in size compared to joints.

The 411 On Rolling Up: Blunts

The first step in rolling a blunt is preparing the CBD flower. Using a grinder, put in the desired amount of CBD flower and grind until it reaches a fine consistency. If a blunt is being created from a cigar, then the blunt wrap will need to be prepped. This means taking a razor blade to crack a clean line down the length of the cigar, then take out the tobacco, and discard it. The wrapper should be wet before filling this with CBD flower, which can be done with saliva or taking a few drops of water. It’s then time to fill up the blunt and roll it up! One more crucial step: once the blunt is rolled, run your lighter around the seam to ensure that it’s dry and properly sealed. Light it up and enjoy!

Why a Blunt?

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So, why a blunt? Many consumers select a blunt for several different reasons. For some, they prefer the buzz from smoking flower combined with nicotine. Blunts are often larger and provide a longer smoking experience due to the combination of size and burn time. Blunts are also a party favorite due to the large variety of popular flavors that cigars come in to enjoy. On the other hand, blunts may not be the right fit for beginners. These are a little more challenging to assemble, have a stronger buzz due to nicotine, and certainly have a more potent smell. 

What is a Joint?

Joint (n): old reliable, the sidekick. Joints are another popular smoking method, known to be convenient and traditional. Joints can be constructed with various materials, but always include specific elements: paper, a filter, and the flower. Most rolling papers are typically recognized as thin and white in appearance, but a joint can be rolled up in many different colored papers. A filter in a joint will help keep it intact, reduce wasted flower and, make it a lot easier to puff, puff, pass! Once you have rolling papers, a filter, and your favorite CBD or Delta 8 flower, roll it right up. These papers can be made from anything from rice to hemp, but not from tobacco leaf containing nicotine. 

The 411 On Rolling Up: Joints

Rolling joints is an affordable, easy, and convenient way to smoke CBD or Delta 8 flower. To roll a joint, you’ll need your preferred flower, a grinder, a rolling tray, papers, and a filter. The first step is to finely grind the flower until it is a fine texture. Next up is the filter that will help for a smoother smoking experience. A filter can be purchased directly at a smoke shop, or simply by folding thick paper into a cylinder.

Once the flower is ready and the filter is assembled, grab your favorite papers and place the filter on the side that you’ll be smoking from. Begin sprinkling in the ground CBD/Delta 8 flower. Avoid overstuffing and get ready to roll! This part may take some practice. Hold the joint between your index finger and thumb to shape the joint. Gently roll back and forth until this becomes packed tightly, when it is shaped evenly, seal the joint and pinch the end to confirm that it’s sealed. Time to spark it up! 

If you'd like a full run-down on rolling up, read our blog on How To Roll a Joint here.

Why a Joint?

Although the classic joint that comes to mind is more basic, many flavorful and colorful options have stepped into the arena. The user can also enjoy different strains that carry different benefits, other than just the recreational high. CBD and Delta 8 joints are available to purchase already rolled for convenience. A joint that has been rolled for purchase is known as a pre-roll. 

So, a Blunt or a Joint?

When deciding if a blunt or a joint is the right fit for you, start by asking yourself the following questions. 

  1. Am I a beginner when it comes to smoking CBD or Delta 8 flower?
  2. Am I looking for a longer smoking experience?
  3. Am I OK with nicotine use?

If you’re a beginner and are not looking to use nicotine, then a joint may be your best bet. If you’re a beginner and are OK with nicotine use, then take a look at the advantages/disadvantages to see what may be the right fit for you. 

Key Differences of Blunt v. a Joint

Key differences between joints and blunts boil down to a few different attributes: appearance, size, effect, and ease of use.

Blunts are larger and darker in appearance since they are created from cigar papers. Joints can be thinner, often transparent or white, and smaller in size. A blunt will burn longer and can hold more flower, but also brings that nicotine buzz from the cigar paper. A joint won’t burn for as long, but it removes nicotine and is a convenient and classic way to smoke flower. While beginners may have an easier time rolling a joint, both methods are fairly easy to construct when you’re comfortable. Additionally, both blunts and joints have the option to explore different flavors since there is a multitude of available flavors for both products. 

So, tell us, what will you be sparking up next? A blunt, a joint, or how about that jay?

Here at The Green Dragon CBD, we offer a variety of different strains of both CBD, Delta 8, and other cannabinoids flower to cater to your desired effects. Take a look at some of our different flower and see what may be the best for your next blunt or joint.

What is a Blunt versus a Joint?
Key differences between joints and blunts boil down to a few different attributes: appearance, size, effect, and ease of use.
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What is a Blunt versus a Joint?
January 24, 2024
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