What is THC-O?

Brie Lowrey

THC-O…. You might have heard of it. It is the hottest, new, LEGAL cannabinoid to the scene (at the time that this article has been written). THC-O is rapidly growing in popularity due to its potency, spiritual effects, and psychedelics. Read on to learn more about this rising cannabinoid. 

How is THC-O Made? 

THC-O is a synthesized cannabinoid. “Synthesized” means that it is created by chemically combining multiple substances. To create THC-O, hemp-derived Delta 8 THC molecules are combined with acetic anhydride. The whole process looks similar to the diagram below, with obvious scientific additions to this simplified equation. THC-O is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill because it is hemp-derived.

Note: The “>” signifies extraction.

Raw Hemp > CBD > Delta 8 THC + acetic anhydride = THC-O

While this looks “simple enough”, please don’t try this at home, in the park, or wherever people are doing science experiments these days. 

THC-O Benefits & Experience

THC-O is popular amongst regular THC-users that are usually looking for a stronger high. THC-O has shown to be 3 times more powerful than traditional Delta-9 THC, but there are also other benefits to this cannabinoid. Though these benefits are also seen in CBD, Delta 8, Delta 9, and Delta 10, in THC-O products they are, of course, stronger. 

  • Euphoria
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Smooth experience
  • Body relief
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Spiritual experience
  • Psychedelic
  • Less couchlock
  • Sleep aid
  • Relaxation aid
  • Therapeutic
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These benefits are a big driver for someone to want to try THC-O. The experience that comes with it is also different from other THCs. THC-O has been dubbed the “psychedelic cannabinoid” and the “spiritual cannabinoid”. THC-O is 3 times more powerful than Delta 9 THC, this means the cerebral experience you get from D9 is also 3 times more powerful with THC-O. People that have used THC-O products have said they experience profound and temporary effects on their state of consciousness. In states of intoxication, our minds are “allowed” to go to different places that we wouldn’t normally let them. Sometimes anxiety and stress weakens or blocks these parts of our brains due to mental fatigue. THC-O reduces anxiety and stress, which then allows your brain to wander, change perspective, and make deep, therapeutic connections. THC-O can also create mild visual and auditory hallucinations. 

THC-O is a one-of-a-kind cerebral experience. This is why many people have been making the switch to THC-O. Every person’s experience is different and can be different based on your dosage.

Dosing Your THC-O Products

THC-O, as we’ve come to know, is pretty dang powerful. You should keep this in mind when you are trying THC-O for the first time or if you’re trying a different THC-O product. Our suggestion is to always start with a low mg, wait at least 30-45 min, and then add on from there, in low mgs.

With most THC-O products on the market today, you’ll notice that the actual milligrams of THC-O are low, with an addition of higher milligram THCs such as Delta 8 or Delta 10. By creating these proprietary blends, companies can create a more enjoyable and safer experience. 

THC-O is also described as a “prodrug” which means that the compound isn’t activated until it has metabolized. As we know, every person’s metabolism is vastly different and changes depending on even what we’ve eaten that day. Remember this when you are trying THC-O for the first time or even if it’s your 100th time trying it. 

Help - I took too much!

It can be easy to consume too much cannabis, in general, as the wait time varies due to product, type of THC, dose, and even your body composition. Though imbibing too much of traditional cannabis has never directly caused a death, it can still lead to an unpleasant experience. 

Too much THC can cause dry mouth, paranoia, sedation, and decreased blood pressure. Sometimes too much can create the opposite experience that you were intending to have. Which can be deflating when trying new products and new cannabinoids. That’s why we recommend dosing small and working your way up after waiting a good amount of time… like, what you think is a long time to wait… go ahead and add 20-30 minutes on to that. 

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If you’ve taken too much and now you’re uncomfortable, there are a couple methods you can try to regulate and soften your unfortunate experience. 

  • Take some CBD.
  • CBD can help reduce THC-induced anxiety. Since these two cannabinoids are related, they have synergistic effects on each other.
  • Change the environment you’re in.
  • This can include turning the music down, getting away from a crowd, and just making yourself as comfortable as possible so you feel safe and not paranoid.
  • Chew on some black pepper balls. 
  • Black pepper contains a terpene called beta-caryophyllene. This terpene can help reduce the unpleasantness of your THC trip.
  • Put on a favorite movie, show, or music. 
  • This has the same idea as changing the environment you’re in. Focusing on something that makes you comfortable helps reduce feelings of anxiety and paranoia.

THC-O Products

Koi Gummies

Koi THC-O gummies are perfect for a powerful experience. Each 300mg container comes with 20 gummies that have 15mg of THC-O per gummy. These gummies are good for the next step up in your THC experience. When dosing, start with 1/2 a gummy and wait 45 minutes to determine dosage. Koi THC-O gummies are made by Koi CBD, a top-quality brand that we have had a long relationship with. Try these gummies now!

Kush Burst Gummies

Kush Burst THC-O gummies come in 500mg pouches. Each pouch contains 10 gummies that have 10mg of THC-O infused with 40mg of Delta 8 THC per gummy. These gummies are a great introduction to THC-O because of their low mg and inclusion of Delta 8. If you know how to dose Delta 8 gummies, these should be easy to dose properly. Kush Burst THC-O gummies come in 4 different flavors; Mystery Berry, OMG (Orange, Mango, Guava), Sour Blue Raz, and Watermelon Blast. Try them and let us know what you think!

Delta Extrax Disposable Pens and Cartridges

Delta Extrax’s Chronix Line of THC-O Cartridges and Pens contain Delta 8, Delta 10, and THC-O terpenes for an awesome entourage effect. As mentioned earlier, having multiple cannabinoids working together helps create a more balanced and smooth experience. Delta Extrax Disposables come in 2 strains; Strawberry Cough (Sativa) and Blue Train Wreck (Hybrid). Delta Extrax Carts come in 2 strains; Pie Hoe (Hybrid) and Silver Haze (Sativa). If you're having trouble figuring out voltage for your carts, check out our blog here.

Try THC-O For Yourself

THC-O is rapidly gaining popularity. Though we don’t adhere to “if everyone’s trying it, you should, too”, BUT it has popularity for good reason. The fun and immersive experience you can have with these products is pretty cool, but even cooler are the relaxing and pain reducing effects you can benefit from. It can be scary, trying a new product, but if you buy from trusted retailers and trusted brands with the proper lab results, it can be pretty life changing. Check out our website for THC-O products or stop by our store and chat with one of our staff. We are always ready to help you! Let us know which THC-O products you’ve already tried and how you liked them!

What is THC-O?
THC-O is a rising cannabinoid that is 3 times more powerful than traditional THC. Read on to learn more about the experience and benefits!
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What is THC-O?
March 15, 2023
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