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Squish Global is a family-owned and run company similar to ours!  We have known the family for nearly a decade and the passion they have for their product and the industry is truly remarkable to see. We are thankful for their partnership and mostly because they provide some of the best CBD flower in the country for our customers' enjoyment.


About Squish

Squish Global, or "Squish", was founded in 2019  with the desire to educate people and bring wellness and holistic health to as many as they can possibly touch. The family farm now cultivates organic and sustainably grown hemp from that rich Illinois soil, with the same meticulous love and care the family has always been known for. Remember, what we feed the plants, is what feeds us. So the fruits of their families labor will be used to provide premium CBD flower.

About Squish Products

Squish has many products but we particularly enjoy their Illinois-grown CBD flower that comes in several varieties. Whether it's their Cherry Wine strains or other varieties, there is always something new growing at their farm. CBD content is important, and the CBD flower they produce has some of the highest CBD content around and therefore is called "premium".  You may pay just a couple dollars more but it's worth it!

Matthew Jadwin visiting Squish Global

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