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Treetop Hemp

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Treetop Hemp Co. became a key partner as we looked at Delta 8 producers who could ensure quality and reliable products. In an unregulated industry you want products that have verified lab results and reliable function. We found it in Treetop Hemp Co. and feedback from customers make their Delta 8 carts and disposable pens some of the most popular in the market.

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About Treetop Hemp Co.

Treetop Hemp Co. (Treetop) is the Delta 8 brand for Urth CBD. Urth is a California-grown company and they say they are "..rooted in the American dream and beach city lifestyle". They believe in a focus on the importance of taking care of our health, following our dreams, while having fun along the way.  The Treetop Delta 8 brand fits right into that mantra and you are sure to get quality while getting plenty of enjoyment.

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About Treetop Hemp Co. Products

The Treetop product focus is really on the Delta 8 vaping selection. Many strains of Delta 8 carts and some really cool disposable vape pens are the key lines. The vape cartridges have about 740mg of D8 in the 1 gram cartridge but also include natural terpenes to create a wide variety of indica, hybrid, and sativa strains. Customers describe these as being very natural and smooth, and not overwhelming in taste. We also rarely hear of quality problems with the cartridges themselves, which is always a problem in the vaping industry.

The disposable pens are really nice because they have a window to see the amount of juice left, and a rechargeable micro USB plug at the bottom. They are not re-useable, but at least you can recharge it if it gets low. The strains are much the same as the vape cartridges, with some exceptions.  The customer favorite is definitely either the Blue Dream sativa or the Purple Punch indica.

Products are always changing, so check out the shopping list above and select a product for additional information.

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