Asthma and COPD

Asthma and COPD are both lung diseases that affect thousands of people across the country. Although they both affect the lungs, there are differences between the two conditions. Asthma is a chronic disease that involves the airways in the lungs. When you suffer from asthma, the airways in the lungs are always inflamed which makes it difficult for air to pass through and results in shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing and coughing. Asthma can be severe in some cases and at times deadly.

A female using an asthma inhaler.There are number of reasons why someone may experience asthma. The first being allergies, when someone suffers from seasonal allergies they may experience symptoms that are triggered by the uprise in pollen, dander, etc. Others may have exercise-induced asthma, only brought about when working up a sweat. Asthma can even be hereditary and is often developed as a child.

COPD is another chronic respiratory condition that causes obstructed airflow in the lungs. However, this is something that develops over time and can not be hereditary like asthma. COPD is caused by exposure to cigarette smoke or other gases. COPD can lead to other immune diseases and symptoms include those of asthma but also include chronic cough and a swelling in the legs, ankles and feet. With COPD, there are four stages that can indicate the severity of your condition. For those that are in a more severe stage of COPD, treatment may include OTC medication and bronchodilators.

Using CBD for Asthma and COPD

CBD for Asthma / COPD - Summary

For those that suffer from asthma/COPD, they are constantly battling the feeling of another coughing attack which can be exhausting on both physical and mental health. While doctors may recommend bronchodilators, opiates or oral steroids, some may be looking for a natural solution to avoid that dependency — which is where CBD comes in.

These conditions can not be cured so it is important to find a treatment plan that one is comfortable with, ultimately with the goal of breathing better.

Why CBD may help your asthma or copd

CBD for Asthma/COPD has been considered for a number of reasons as a way to help relief symptoms for these lung conditions. First, CBD is a known anti-inflammatory. This can be directly beneficial for asthma/COPD because these conditions are linked to chronic inflammation of the lungs. By helping to reduce this inflammation, it can help air to pass more freely through the lungs and therefore result in better breathing. Additionally, CBD is a well-documented bronchodilator which means that it helps to mitigate muscle spasticity and prevent asthma attacks due to a sudden contraction of the lung muscles. Those that suffer from asthma frequently experience lung pain that is piercing and can cause as struggle to breathe. More and more research is being conducted to assess if CBD is helpful in reducing the pain that many experience.

Tips for taking CBD with Asthma/COPD

It is critical to consult with a doctor before replacing any medication for asthma/COPD with CBD. A doctor will know the severity of your condition and whether this is applicable. If CBD can be seen as an effective form of treatment, then there are number of different ways to ingest this product. CBD inhalers have become a popular product, as it provides the best of both worlds. It allows for the perfect dosage of CBD as well as instant relief that one would experience from any other type of inhaler. This can be used preventatively before asthma attacks. If someone experiences asthma attacks due to anxiety, it can help to provide relief as well. Other popular forms of CBD products for asthma/COPD include CBD oil, edibles and topicals.

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