Tendonitis is defined as the “inflammation or irritation of a tendon due to overuse or strain.” Tendonitis can occur in any of the tendons in the body but is most common in the shoulders, wrists, elbows, and knees.

Tendonitis, or inflammation of your tendons, is shown here using pain in the ankle as an example.

Tendonitis is caused by a strain or too much pressure in a certain joint, which will cause tearing or inflammation. From continued strain on the tendon, tendonitis can develop. Tendonitis is very common and can also be known by other names such as tennis elbow, pitcher’s shoulder, etc. However, tendonitis does not only affect athletes. Anyone who puts continued strain on their tendons can develop tendonitis such as gardeners, landscapers, cleaners, painters, and many others.

For those that suffer from tendonitis, the severity of pain and symptoms varies greatly across the board. Although tendonitis may start as a mild pain, leaving this untreated can goes severe discomfort and lead to severe injury. If the injury isn’t treated properly, tendon rupture can occur which results in the tendon breaking and can at times lead to surgical treatment. It is always important to understand your pain and assess whether it’s getting worse to see what treatment method is the perfect fit for you.

Using CBD for Tendonitis

CBD Use for Tendonitis - Summary

Although there are many treatment methods available for those that struggle with tendonitis, CBD for tendonitis is emerging as an effective option. CBD has proven to be a beneficial anti-inflammatory.

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In fact, one of the top reasons that CBD users take CBD is to help with pain management. Those that suffer from tendonitis are often looking for instant relief from the external inflammation and pain in the tendons that they are dealing with. There are many different types of medications that those that suffer from tendonitis can use, but the versatility of CBD can be attractive to those who are suffering from these conditions. For example, CBD does not need to be taken as just another pill. In fact, one of the most common ways that those who use CBD for tendonitis ingest cannabidiol is through a topical product. CBD topicals and creams are great for those who suffer from something like tennis elbow. With this cream, they can apply it directly to the uncomfortable area and it will immediately be absorbed into the skin and begin to take affect.

Why CBD may help with Tendonitis

The main reason that CBD for tendonitis is pursued is due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits. For those that experience pain from tendonitis, it is primarily caused due to inflammation. Many studies have been pursued to show CBD’s effectiveness in reducing inflammation. Additionally, CBD is all-natural and this can be appealing to those who are looking for something they can rely on without an addictive property or an over-the-counter medicine.

Tips for taking CBD with Tendonitis

Always check in with your doctor before changing or stopping any medications for tendonitis. When you’re ready to try CBD for tendonitis, consider a topical or cream so that you can provide instant relief to any pain and always ensure that the dosage and product is the perfect fit for the severity of your symptoms.


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