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Have you heard about one of our latest brands carried at The Green Dragon CBD? Meet cbdMD! cbdMD is paving the way for its top-quality hemp, sophisticated manufacturing methods, and line of top-tier broad-spectrum CBD products. cbdMD has established itself in the CBD space by focusing on creating wellness alternatives for both superior athletes and superior people. Let’s tell you a bit more about cbdMD and the type of CBD products that we offer directly through our site.

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The cbdMD Difference

cbdMD is known in the space for its commitment to offering top-quality hemp products. This is attributed to their hemp manufacturing process where they test their products consistently from the first harvest to the finished product. All of their hemp is homegrown and picked from farms all across the USA, so you can count on a consistent, premium product. After being tested within the facility, all cbdMD products are then sent to an independent third-party lab, allowing each consumer to read the full lab results before purchasing any product.

cbdMD partners with top Olympians
cbdMD partners with top Olympians


cbdMD has also been making a name for itself by partnering with several athletes and brands to promote their products. This is paving the way for the CBD brands to develop sponsorships with national brands. This has also given them credibility as a wellness CBD brand, being the promoted CBD product of choice for brands including Bellator MMA, Barstool Sports, GNC, and more. They’ve even partnered with the luxury fitness club giant, Life Time Fitness. cbdMD has also partnered with superior athletes offering superior CBD including Olympians Lolo Jones and Kerri Walsh Jennings.

cbdMD Topicals

This company brings innovative technology to offer two very unique CBD topical products. CBD topicals have been proven to be very beneficial for athletes or seniors that experience muscle and joint pain. Additionally, CBD topicals can help those who are suffering from any type of rash or even sciatica pain. Using a CBD topical compared to another type of CBD consumption allows you to apply CBD directly to the affected area and allows the skin to rapidly absorb it. Learn more about CBD topicals here.

cbdMD Relieve Lidocaine Spray 

The cbdMD Relieve Lidocaine Spray is a topical that comes in a four-ounce spray container. This product is a uniquely effective product for pain relief by using its own “Relieve” formula. This topical contains Superior Broad Spectrum CBD extracts with lidocaine. Lidocaine is a topical that is a numbing medication and can help to decrease discomfort by numbing the area in pain.

how it works

When combined in a topical, CBD and lidocaine are absorbed through the skin and lidocaine interferes with nerve signaling to reduce temporary pain and CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system for an overall soothing effect. This truly provides relief for those that are struggling with soreness or discomfort. For the best results when using this product, it is recommended to use this up to four times a day as needed. First, apply a thin layer to the affected area. Then, wash your hands with cool water after every use. Next, learn more about the product here.


Hear what our customers have to say after using cbdMD’s Relieve Lidocaine Spray:

“This spray has worked so well for my back pain. I’ve been using CBD for a while and I love it but the addition of Lidocaine makes a big difference. Would recommend!” – Gloria

“My wife has had shooting pains in her shoulders for a couple of years now and nothing has been able to help her. She used this a few times and told me to order three more bottles… she said she feels the relief almost instantly and lasts multiple hours.” – William

cbdMD Freeze Roller

The cbdMD Freeze Roller is a topical gel that is also devoted to helping athletes or others that struggle with muscle and joint pain. This gel packs the cooling relief of menthol with superior broad-spectrum CBD. This product is a good choice if you are looking for something that will help with exercise recovery, provide instant cooling pain relief, or are just looking for a way to incorporate CBD into your wellness routine. It is quick-drying and non-greasy, creating a cooling sensation when applied. Popular reasons that one may use the cbdMD Freeze Roller include if you experience any muscle or joint pain or swelling. This may be beneficial at the end of a long workout or the end of a long work week on your feet.


Some of our customers at The Green Dragon CBD have shared their experience with the cbdMD Freeze Roller:

“High-quality and mess-free. The roll-on makes it so easy to apply and I feel relief immediately. I’ve had knee pains since I had surgery a year ago and I’ve struggled to find a product that really helps but this really does work.” – Christina

“I’ve been using this CBD freeze gel for a while now and it’s the best! I highly recommend this product for any athletes that need pain and swelling relief.” – Beth Ann

“My girlfriend and I have been using this gel for months, we’re both really active and have frequent joint pains. I’m very impressed with the effectiveness, we always keep it on hand.” – Nathan

Who is cbdMD?

cbdMD is a leader in the CBD space, specifically in the wellness and athletic industry. They have a credible reputation through their partnerships with top athletes and transparent third-party testing on every product. Additionally, all products are made in the USA with top-quality hemp ingredients. cbdMD offers unique CBD topicals and oils that are a fusion of CBD and wellness.

Why use a CBD Topical?

CBD topicals are any type of cream, lotion, or gel that can be applied topically. Many use a CBD topical if they are experiencing muscle or joint pain, a rash, or sciatica, for example. This can be immediately applied to the affected area and absorbed through the skin which is why it is common in so many looking for relief.

What is broad-spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD products do not typically contain THC but contain various compounds and cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. This includes cannabinol, cannabichromene (CBC), and other terpenes.

cbdMD CBD Oil / Tinctures

Additionally, cbdMD also carries a distinctive CBD broad spectrum tincture. cbdMD offers this in several flavors and strengths. The flavors include berry, orange and natural. Of the many CBD oils available, cbdMD is a very popular selection as it is vegan, gluten-free, THC-free, and offers high-quality CBD extracts. Dosing for this product will vary from person to person, but will mainly be based on one’s body chemistry and weight as well as the desired effect.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear from some that have tried cbdMD CBD oil:

“I work in commercial roofing and as I get older I get more aches and pains. Sometimes, it’s so bad that they keep me up at night. I started with the 750mg berry and got great results. Helps with the pain and I’ve been able to sleep so much better.” – Gary

“I use cbdMD oil paired with topicals to help with my hip pain and it works so well. Walking around my house used to be a chore but after using this oil for a couple of weeks moving around has gotten much easier!” – Thomas

Why use CBD oil?

Different than CBD topicals, CBD oil absorbs through the bloodstream and can be taken sublingually. CBD oil incorporates easily as part of your wellness routine. Take this by adding a couple of drops to your morning coffee. Or, it is most take this the common way which is under the tongue sublingually. Sublingual CBD is the most effective way to take CBD for rapid absorption and potency. Check out our complete guide to sublingual CBD!


cbdMD is a leader in the CBD space for its ability to captivate the wellness and athletic space. Additionally, by partnering with top athletes and health industries, cbdMD has been able to establish a credible reputation. Their commitment to offering products that are made in the USA with top-quality hemp ingredients is impressive, and their transparency with third-party testing only provides them with more credibility. Not to mention, they offer truly unique CBD topicals and oils that are a fusion of CBD and wellness, which is beneficial for many CBD consumers. Finally, if you try one of cbdMD’s products, let us know what you think!


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