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Funky Farms CBD produces some of the highest quality CBD vape products on the market.  They take the integrity of their products very seriously and always follow the industry's best practices in every aspect of their business.

Their line of CRD ( Crystal Resistant Distillate) vape pens and cartridges provide a much higher quality product that normal vape pens and they extend the lifespan.

You have to love their motto of "No Junk, All Funk".  They use only extracted CBD and hemp fillers and utilize a terpene-based solution instead of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG).

The products come in extremely sleek and professional packaging.  The labeling includes the cannabinoid percentage breakdown, a QR code you can scan for lab test results and easy to follow instructions on exactly how to use their product.

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    Funky Farms Vape Products - What does CRD Mean?

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"I bought this product in a desperate attempt to alleviate my anxiety and withdrawal symptoms while switching between different meds for anxiety and depression. If you have anxiety or chronic pain and are on the fence, BUY THIS. One hit and my anxiety induced chest pain (which had persisted for weeks even with ibuprofen etc) completely subsided and my whole nervous system relaxed. I may not even need to get back on other meds, this stuff is incredible! "

— Molly

"I have been trying several different CBD vapes over the past year, including the "regular" MCT -FF carts. These are head and shoulders above anything else I have tried to date. I have been a MI Med Patient for years, and these could easily be mistaken at first take(or toke) for med THC Carts. The oil thickness, taste, and smell are where they should be as an industry standard in the future I hope. The effect is top notch for CBD and other Cannabinoids, aside from no THC of course! Only downside in my opinion is the price -although it is definitely in the competitive range as far as price per mg of CBD. I can't wait to try the other "strains" that are listed in the test data, but not yet shown available. Thanks a ton Funky Farms for the Top Notch federally legal relief."

— Anthony

"This product is incredible. As always the packaging is world class, it gives one the feeling of getting something very special. The CBD oil a warm amber color and it is so thick it almost appears to be a resin. The flavor is extremely rich and luxurious. The effects of the product are amazing, so much in fact that it is worth the price. I have never experienced the effects in a CBD vape cart that the new CDR cartridge delivers. This is my new go to from Funky Farms. I am excited for the new rumored CDR carts in development. This CDR cart sets the bar in quality for the entire CBD industry."

— Alexander G.

"The Granddaddy Purp pen is hands down the best CBD product I have ever used! I’ve been trying to find a company & a product that would help my anxiety & panic attacks & when you get this pen & hit it within seconds you can literally feel the anxiety, worry & tension melt away! IM A BUYER FOR LIFE!!! Now that I found a product that works as advertised if not better than advertised!!! CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE STRAINS OF THESE TO DROP! I wish the Granddaddy Purp came in 600mg in a pen but regardless I’m hooked I love these products! This does what prescriptions in the past couldn’t do & it did it within seconds!"

— Bill

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