Funky Farms CRD Vape Products – What does “CRD” mean?

Vaping CBD | Funky Farms CRD Products | What does CRD mean?

Funky Farms CBD Extracts was selected to join The Green Dragon CBD family of brands because of their commitment to excellent quality in their vape cartridges and pens.  Many of their newest products are labeled as Funky Farms CRD, meaning Crystal Resistant Distillate.  Another TLA (Three-Letter-Acronym) in the CBD (cannabidiol) industry that can already be confusing to navigate.

Vaping CBD

For those new to CBD, vaping CBD can be one of the most effective ways to get CBD into your bloodstream.  That is, if you are comfortable with vaping itself.  Although vaping CBD is much healthier than vaping nicotine, it still involves inhaling heated compounds which has some potential health risks.    The good news is that vaping CBD is much different than vaping Nicotine and a potentially effective swap for those wanting to stop nicotine vaping.

If you are not comfortable vaping, there are many other great methods to ingest CBD.  These include taking CBD Oil sublingually, taking capsules, smoking CBD flower, edibles, gummies and drinks, topicals, bath products and more!

One of the unique aspects of vaping CBD is that CBD enters your bloodstream immediately through the lungs without going through any degradation in the digestive process.  Capsules and edibles suffer from that downside.  Sublingual CBD Oil is the best of both worlds, allowing it to be absorbed through your mouth (cheeks and under your tongue).

Funky Farms Crd products

Funky Farms has their Reserve Line of vape devices labeled “CRD”.  These are the disposable CBD vape pens and the CBD vape cartridges for use in 510 thread cartridge devices.  Funky Farms has the tagline of “No Junk, All Funk”.  This refers to the formulation without added cutting agents and no fillers.  The natural vape extract is one of the best in the industry.

The CRD Vape products typically are 80% to 99% pure with CBD and minor cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, CBC.  It is extracted from high CBD hemp flower and hemp biomass.  It also includes the terpenes and other plant oils and extracts.  It has less than 0.3% THC, so is legal in all 50 states.

Many of the products are considered full-spectrum, meaning it has all of the elements of the cannabis plant, but still 0.3% or less THC.  Products are also available in a broad-spectrum variety.  This means there is zero THC, having gone through an extra process to remove that last bit of THC.  The hemp plant and biomass are refined into the purest oil and then packaged so that the final product resists crystallization.

A CO2 extractor
CO2 Extraction is one of the advised methods to extract CBD from cannabis.

So, what does CRD Mean?

Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) is a term used to describe the crystallization resistance of the final product that is created by the Funky Farms (and others) processing process

CBD has a naturally occurring crystaline structure.  The closer you get to 100% purity, the resulting decarbed oil naturally wants to crystallize. It is a positive sign that your chemistry process is working correctly.

The “crystallization resistance” is being achieved in the industry in a number of ways, primarily by raising the Ph (acidity). Many debates are active on the best methods which get into very specific processing techniques involving the CBD crude, CBDa and other factors.

New methods of CBD distillate production are evolving to ensure a more potent product and one that has longer shelf life. 

We have discontinued Funky Farms for now, but you may want to try some other CBD or Delta-8 THC vaping products at The Green Dragon CBD:


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