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What is THC-O?

THC-O is a hemp-derived synthetic compound, also known as THC-O acetate. It is quickly gaining in popularity due to its legality, but also its potency. THC-O is made by adding a highly-flammable compound called acetic anhydride to THC molecules. As with most up-and-coming cannabinoids, hemp-derived products, and the like, research is truly lacking. We always like to remind our customers that when you are trying new products that you should start with a low dose, wait at least 30-45 minutes, and then increase slowly from there. Listen to your body and be aware of how you react to different products and doses. 


What Are the Effects of THC-O? 

THC-O has been known to have a more powerful potency than other THC products (Delta 8, Delta 9, etc.). Research has shown that THC-O is roughly 3 times stronger than Delta 9 THC and lasts longer. Other than having a strong potency, THC-O could take between 20-30 minutes to kick in. This is approximately the amount of time it takes for the compound to be metabolized, of course, every body is different and you should be aware of how you react to it.

THC-O has been deemed "the psychedelic cannabinoid" due to its potent effects.

THC-O has the common benefits that most THC products have. THC-O benefits include; 

Stress relief
Anxiety relief
Depression relief
Pain management
Appetite stimulant
Enhanced creativity
Sleep Air

Of course we will keep you updated as new research develops!


Why is THC-O Legal? 

Since THC-O is a hemp-derived cannabinoid, it is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. The Farm Bill legalizes hemp and hemp-derived compounds. The products also contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.


Will I Pass a Drug Test? 

Unfortunately, THC-O contains THC, which is what most drug tests are looking for. If you decide to use THC-O products, but have a drug test coming up, read our blog on 5 Ways to Cleanse for a Drug Test.

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