Honest Paws Cat Tincture -125mg

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If your cat is struggling with anxiety, pain or other health issues, CBD could have a real impact.  Honest Paws Cat Tincture is a combination of 125mg full-spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil as the base giving you a 100% natural and effective product.  

Recommended dose:  Cats up to 25lbs: 1 full dropper (4mg).

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Honest Paws Cat Tincture is made specifically for cats.  As cats age, they can experience some of the same difficulties that we do as humans.  As you may know, CBD is very effective in helping with an array of ailments in humans and can be just as effective with pets.  For many cats, age can mean joint pain, arthritis, anxiety, and general discomfort. With the use of CBD oil, you can help alleviate these inevitable signs of aging and help your pet live their best life!

You can read more about CBD for Pets in our education blog.  We carry only the top, trusted brands to ensure the most effective result for our humans, canines and felines.  Honest Paws is a brand solely dedicated to producing CBD products for pets.  You can be assured the products are made with safe, organic ingredients.

How to Use

The Honest Paws Cat Tincture is easy to use.  Just get a dropper of liquid and place it either in the cats food or directly into their mouth, depending on the animal’s preference.  You could also use a piece of bread or treat if it will absorb the liquid.

Organic Full Spectrum-All Natural-Lab Tested-Non GMO-Soy Free

Weight 8.3 oz


Organic Fulll Spectrum Hemp Oil and MCT Oil

Lab Report

Honest Paws Cat Tincture

1 review for Honest Paws Cat Tincture -125mg

  1. Jo

    I have an older cat and I started giving her cbd. This oil has made her feel so much better, almost like when she was a kitten.

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