Ooze Pen 900 mAH Twist VV Battery 3.3v – 4.8v

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Ooze 900 mAh Twist VV Battery 3.3V – 4.8V With 20 Second Preheat Mode

This pen style vape device has variable voltage with a range of  3.3V – 4.8V.  It has a 20-second auto-shut off to keep you from wasting your battery.  Charger included. Be advised this is a basic vape device that lasts a few weeks to months.  The Yocan Uni Pro is a more dependable device for longer periods.

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The Ooze Pen is intended for use with any 510 threaded vape cartridge.

Ooze Pen Features

  • Ooze 900 mAh Twist Grade A Battery
  • 510 Thread, Variable Voltage 3.3V – 4.8V
  • Available Colors: Black
  • Matte Finish
  • 2 Click Pre Heat Mode
  • 20sec Auto-Shut- Off 900 mAh Battery 3.7V
  • 3.3V – 4.8V Adjustable Voltage
  • On/Off Function/ Click 5 Times Fast
  • Over Charge Protection Chip
  • USB Charger is Included

Warning: Delta-8 THC is a psycho-active substance. Operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after using this product is not advised. This product may cause you to fail a THC drug test. You assume full responsibility for all parts related to your purchase and consumption. Use small doses when starting. Read more about Delta 8 here.


Put simply, it’s THC derived from hemp.  It is federally legal since it comes from hemp. Some people describe it as more of a mental euphoria but less of a pure intoxication.  You should find it to be powerful but without the anxiety or paranoia side-effects that some experience.

D8 should not be confused with CBD which is a cannabinoid found in hemp that does not produce a high.  You may want to try taking CBD gummies with your Delta 8 Gummies to extend and enhance the effect as the cannabinoids work together.


  • Are you into edibles like gummies or chocolate? Delta 8 gummies have many strengths, flavors, and sizes to choose from.
  • Using tinctures can be a very effective way to get D8 into your system.
  • If you enjoy smoking flower, you can choose from different strains of buds, pre-rolls, and even hemp cigarettes.
  • D8 Dabs are concentrates and pack a powerful punch. There are many unique and fun strains to choose from.  Be sure to grab a Magento Pen if you don’t have a dab device.
  • For our in-store customers, check out the Vape Pens and Vape Carts categories before you visit. There are tons of delicious and powerful strains and strengths to choose from. We apologize, but due to federal shipping regulations, we can only sell vape products in-store.
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1 review for Ooze Pen 900 mAH Twist VV Battery 3.3v – 4.8v

  1. Bruce J

    Simple and easy to use great for if you’re traveling

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