Savage CBD Vape Pen – Mango Citrus – 200mg


The Savage CBD Vape Pen comes in 3 amazing flavors.  This Mango Citrus variety is like being on a tropical island.  The device is disposable, not refillable or rechargeable.  It is top-quality with 200mg of full-spectrum CBD packed into .5 ML.  Great tasting, powerful and convenient, try it out!

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Savage CBD Vape Pens come in three unique flavors:  Strawberry Melon, Mango Citrus and Berry Mint.  What makes these pens pass our strict standards are the quality of the CBD processing and the amount of CBD (200mg) in a small package.  This disposable pen has .5ml of liquid and depending on use, should last two weeks or longer.

One of the benefits of this particular pen is that the CBD is full-spectrum.  That means that with the Savage CBD Vape Pen, you will receive the full benefits of the Entourage Effect.  Learn more about CBD, the types of products and more on our Education Page.  Vape Pens come in many varieties and you can read about some of the best vape pens in our blog.   The Savage CBD Vape pen is a great selection, but others are also available in different flavors and strengths from other quality brands, here on the site.

You can always check out the Certificate of Analysis on this or any of our products on the Lab Results tab connected to each product.  If you have any questions be sure to Contact Us.

How to Use

To use this device, open it and remove the rubber tip on the top before use.  The device is draw activated and the LED light at the bottom of the device lets you know when the heat source is activated.  There is a red light at the bottom that lights when inhaling.  The flavor is relatively light and not too sweet.  You can taste the CBD but it is not a grassy taste at all.  This product is a one time use disposable CBD vape pen device.   This Savage CBD Vape Pen is draw activated and the LED light at the bottom of the device lets you know when the heat source is activated!

Savage CBD is one of our selected brands based on it’s great products and quality CBD.  The CBD is Vegan and Non-GMO.

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Propylene glycol, Vegetable glycerine, Full Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural and Artificial flavor concentrate.

Lab Report

Savage CBD Pen Mango Citrus


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