STPeach talks about CBD

Lisa, also known by her STPeach, is a full time Twitch streamer and is adored by her millions of fans across social media.  STPeach has been a long term partner with us and she was kind enough to take the time about what CBD means to her.  You can check out her Twitch channel and tune in monthly to our joint Q&A live streams about CBD, Delta 8 and more.
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Judy B. - best customer service imaginable!

Great place for anyone who is just getting started with CBD. Our experience at The Green Dragon was phenomenal!! The staff was so accommodating and went above and beyond. Hands down the best customer service imaginable!

Britney raves about delta-8 thc

I am so happy to have found this gem of a store! Not only are the products top of the line quality, but the business is family owned and extremely knowledgeable about all of thier products. My order came quickly, and it came with information about CBD, a lanyard, and a hand written note from David. You just can't get that kind of personal service and attention from a big box store...
I have to say, the delta 8 they have for sale is amazing. I have my medical card...but I don't like getting stupid high just to help with my nerve pain. I purchased the Delta Effex Sunset Sherbet Indica cartridge and vape pen. I had a euphoric body high without feeling like I couldn't do things. I was able to fully relax my body and in doing so, I felt so much relief from my back pain. It took my nerve pain from an 8 to a 3, something that I've never been able to achieve without a heavy prescription opioid. The effects lasted a little over 4 hours, and I had zero paranoia or anxiety, and I am prone to both with traditional THC products I get from my dispensary.
I highly suggest you give this store a try and if you have any questions, they are super responsive and knowledgeable.

melissa p, new to vaping cbd

"Went to this store's opening day! They were so knowledgeable. I ended up buying one of their vape pens and oils and I'm really enjoying the response from my body.  The flavor is amazing (tropical popsicle)! I will be buying all my CBD products from here on out at the green dragon cbd!"

Amanda G. loves tons of products

These guys are so awesome!!! I have tried many different CBD products that they offer. I've NEVER been disappointed with any of their products and especially not their customer service!!!! I had to move 10 hours south temporarily, due to family situations, but I am still able to get all of these amazing beneficial products thanks to these guys at The Green Dragon CBD!!! ???????????? The ONLY place I get my CBD products!!

Sandy D. Can't get enough Relax Bears

I am 100% satisfied with The Green Dragon CBD, they have gone well beyond customer support.  A special Thank You to David what a sweet person to deliver a very special delivery.  I'm taking the relax gummy bears and wow do they work!  Not just for relaxing, but I found they helped me in so many ways - sleep, less muscle problems and pain relief.  They help with the hashimoto and fibromyalgia I have, to name a few.  Thanks so much!

female athlete, Jiu-Jitsu Fighter speaks about CBD BEnefits

Karlie, a Jiu Jitsu fighter, Go-Kart Team Photographer and MMA fighter speaks out how she uses CBD daily as part of her healthy routine.   Read details in the blog post:  Karlie

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JB shops confidently with us

"I am an online customer with this store and have never been disappointed. Their products are excellent quality and available for a fair price. Shipping is quick and they always leave a sweet handwritten note in my package. Ordering vape and CBD products online can be really scary so I'm glad to have a go to shop where I know I can trust what I'm getting."

jessica, from AL, enjoys getting our packages

"I live in AL so I only shop online with them. There are plenty of places I could shop locally but I choose to stick to Green Dragon CBD because of their customer service, education pamphlets/online content and speed in which they get their orders to USPS is top notch. I believe in them and their goal. I hope they continue to absolutely kill it in this field because they are doing it right!"

Lori B. gets pain relief and peaceful rest

I rarely do reviews but Green Dragon has made such a powerfully positive impact on my well being, I couldn't resist sharing my opinion. I knew nothing about CBD products. The Green Dragon website has a live chat, I had all my questions answered in real time, on the web site! Educational info is also there for reading!

I confidently placed my first CBD order. In 3 days, it arrived & I began with the 750mg gummies...On the 2nd night, I slept all night, woke up, really woke up happy. And each night since that first night has been rest filled and pain free!! You see, I had rotator cuff repair surgery a few years ago but that shoulder has continually ached after surgery. I was taking steroid injections that did help some, but the ache would wake me at night, 5 or 6 times, every night.

Now the other shoulder needs surgery! So I wasn't able to get a full night's rest, ever! Until the CBD Peach Rings arrived! I still have some gummy rings but wanted to order the sublingual drops for a non-digestive route, quicker delivery to my body... If you have pain, anxiety, restless nights...TRY GREEN DRAGON CBD PRODUCTS! I was skeptical but ... Now, I'm rested, I'm more productive & happier! I can hardly wait to start on the drops under my tongue!  ORDER, YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID!

Ali G, Helping herself and her dog

"The team at The Green Dragon CBD are lifesavers. When I decided to try CBD oil for myself and my pets, I had no idea what I should buy, or where I could go that I could truly trust the product. Dave took the time to teach me how to pick a good oil and what to look for. I chose Honest Paws Purity level l. It's made a huge difference in my dog during road trips, no more nervous shaking, and “psycho face” of distress after administering the CBD oil. Both pets of mine are on all natural raw diets with no synthetics. So my main concern is always the quality of whatever I’m giving them. The Green Dragon CBD sells a high quality product that I know now, is a great solution for them. I tried, myself, a sleep formula and an also Koi 1000 mg for an everyday dose. It’s absolutely amazing stuff and I’m completely sold on the results!! So if you’re wanting a great product that will help with so many different issues contact Dave or Matthew at The Green Dragon CBD. They’ll walk you through it step by step.

best-selling yoga author and ex-congressman endorses the green dragon cbd

Alan Steelman - Best-Selling Author, U.S. Congressman, Global Business Executive and Yoga Leader endorses The Green Dragon CBD business.  Read details in the blog post: Alan Steelman.

Learn more about Our Story here!

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STPeach Joins the team and hand-picks her favorites

Twitch, Instagram and overall social media celebrity ST Peach joined The Green Dragon CBD team officially after months of using the products.  "I'm so excited to be part of this team because they are freakin amazing!  Literally, the nicest people ever and super knowledgeable!"   Thank you Lisa, and keep trying more and more products.  STPeach's favorite products are on her special category page on the Shop Menu.

lacey p., pet owner, raves about cbd for her dogs

"I cannot rave enough about this business . I was new to the cbd world but I became interested in it after hearing about the benefits of it for pets.  The staff has a ton of information if your are also new to cbd. I live in Illinois and  have my products shipped . The shipping is beyond exceptional. My products arrive so fast! I love how fast the shipping is, they offer auto ship, so I can keep my pitties on a good routine with their CBD supplements."

john is head over heels for our personalized service

"I have been buying products for many months from The Green Dragon; there are many retailers to choose from, but your Team stands out with me for 3 primary reasons: Great customer service, all my desired products are available, and the coupons make prices better than competitors. Customer service stands out the most: two different times I have called about an order. Both times were a very positive experience. I didn't get put on hold forever, for one. Secondly, both times my requests were taken care of and more. So, dealing with 'Team Green Dragon' has been a positive experience for me, and I have no intention of fixing something that's not broken."

Cheryl loves cbd for her dogs

"Hannah was the best customer service I have dealt with in awhile. My dogs were so scared from fireworks & thunder I ordered the peanut butter cbd for them. She not only made sure I received it the next day, but was so understanding to all the fur babies that have to experience this at these times. I will forever use this company & hope everyone else out there will as well. When you deal with big companies you feel like just a number, but they make you feel you are number one. Greatly appreciate you all & one of the faster orders I ever received being out of state. Thanks again & the fur babies thank you as well, It really helps them. Best product ever."



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