News! Lazarus Naturals Rebranding: Same Great Brand, New Great Look

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Lazarus Naturals has shown to be one of our top CBD brands since we began stocking their products. They create high quality products that are completely affordable. So everyone can get all of the CBD benefits without feeling like they need to empty their wallets. Excellent quality and affordable products make Lazarus a popular brand amongst our customers. 

Who is Lazarus Naturals?

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Lazarus Naturals is an employee owned company that is sustainably sourced. Since 2014 they have been growing their own hemp on their 100% organic farm located in central Oregon. Their non-GMO hemp is also pesticide-free. They continue to strive to set newer and higher standards for their products and company as a whole. For more information on the Lazarus Naturals brand, take a look at our original Lazarus Naturals Brand Blog

Made to Work. Made for all.

They’ve recently refreshed their brand with a new message: “Made to Work. Made for All.” With this message came higher quality products, new packaging, and USDA Certified Organic products. The certification as officially organic is a big deal and part of the driver for the whole new re-branding of Lazarus Naturals. The new packaging is sleeker and a lot more simple, making it easier for customers to find their favorites quickly and find new favorites more smoothly.

Delightful Products

The high potency, full spectrum tinctures are finally 100% USDA Certified Organic products and have been reformulated for a better flavor profile. The flavors have always been unique and delicious, Lazarus just stepped up those profiles for a more robust taste. 

The tinctures are awesome sellers because of their many unique flavors. Lazarus also has other delightful products such as on-the-go Fruit Tarts in tasty Orange Pineapple, Raspberry Lime, and Strawberry Lemon. There are even Softgels that contain higher concentrations of CBD for easier and more accessible use. 

Try Lazarus Naturals

Lazarus Naturals may have changed their packaging, potency, and messaging but they continue to be the same hard-working company that is always people-first and premium products at an affordable price. This is why we continue to stock their products for our customers. Find all of your favorite Lazarus products on our website here. Don’t forget, if you need help navigating the waters of CBD, products, dosing, benefits, or anything else you can come up with, we are here to help you.

News! Lazarus Naturals Rebranding: Same Great Brand, New Great Look
Lazarus Naturals has rebranded their products which are now 100% officially USDA Certified Organic. Same great products, new great look.
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News! Lazarus Naturals Rebranding: Same Great Brand, New Great Look
April 5, 2024
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