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Organic CBD Nugs

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Organic CBD Nugs (Pure Hemp Farms) is a top customer choice due to the quality of their flower. With their premium hemp flower and pure cannabidiol (CBD) based products, not to mention the high concentration of Delta 8, it's a great brand.

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about organic cbd nugs

In 2015, Organic CBD Nugs (Pure Hemp Farms) began specializing in producing premium quality, small-batch hemp flowers. Their focus is on naturally-driven products and 100% organic, sustainable farming methods while producing the best hemp bud they can for consumers. Their hemp plants are exclusively grown with no pesticides, additives, or synthetics. While maintaining quality products, they also send each batch of flowers to third-party labs for testing. When you choose Organic CBD Nugs, you choose perfectly curated quality flower. Pure Hemp Farms is the same company, just a separate label they use for their wholesale business (us).

about organic cbd nugs products

Organic CBD Nugs makes high quality and federally legal Delta 8 flower in many strains with 20-30% concentrations. Some top customer favorites are Blue Dream, Skywalker OG, and Northern Lights. 

Blue Dream is a Sativa strain with 26.5% Total Delta-8. Blue Dream Delta-8 Infused Flower delivers a sweet berry flavor with hints of sandalwood and a refreshing citrus and floral aroma.

Skywalker OG comes in at a 29.56% as a 85:15 Indica to Sativa ratio. The flavors that you experience come in delicious waves first peppery hops, next comes the earthy, berry flavors, and finally, finish with citrusy pine. 

Finally, Northern Lights is an Indica strain with a total of 20% Delta 8. This sublime strain envelopes your taste buds with earthy citrus overtones ending in a spicy punch.

Whatever strain you choose, you can't go wrong with the flavor, benefits, and overall quality Pure Hemp Farms has to offer.

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