CBD Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – Product Comparisons

Selecting from the wide variety of CBD Muscle & Joint Relief Creams can sometimes seem like a complicated task.  In order to help people to make an informed decision about which CBD pain relief cream is best for them, we have compared 4 high-quality products from 3 different top CBD brands.  We carry all these products online and in-store, so they are all great, but individuals might prefer one or the other depending on their situation.

The four products are: (1) Pachamama CBD Pain Cream 850mg, (2) Green Roads Muscle & Joint Heat Relief Cream 500mg, (3) Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream 350mg, and (4) Medterra CBD Rapid Cooling Cream 750mg.


CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a natural chemical compound found naturally in plants like hemp.  CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Your ECS helps to maintain healthy functioning of your nervous system, organs, immune system and more.  CBD is often used to help deal with stress levels (anxiety), inflammation, depression, pain, arthritis, energy, appetite, sleep and other elements critical to your well-being.

CBD is used in many types of products including oils, edibles, topicals, drinks and more.  Unlike its cousin, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it’s not psychoactive.

For those new to CBD, or if you want to learn more, review the CBD basics in more depth here, or read some of our blogs, such as CBD Basics – CBD 101


Before we begin to review the products, let’s review the basics of CBD Topicals, and CBD Pain Creams specifically.  CBD Topicals are applied to your body directly and absorbed through the skin.  The CBD is often paired with other agents such as menthol, creams, Manuka honey, scents, and more to accommodate the specific product. 

CBD Pain Creams are a subset of CBD topicals.  The pain creams are typically used for joint pain, arthritis pain, soreness of muscles, sciatica (lower back nerve pain).  They can be applied to the area repeatedly and used as needed. 


As with most CBD products, the largest CBD concentration number on the package refers to the total amount of CBD.  For example, if the box or tube says 500mg, that’s the amount of CBD in the entire package.  So, to really get an understanding of CBD concentration, you must divide the total CBD by the number of ounces.  A 500mg product in a 3-ounce container is 167mg/ounce versus a 350mg product in a 1-ounce container is 350mg/ounce, so more than twice as strong.

The full list of ingredients should always be on quality products, as is the case on all the four we are reviewing.  Sometimes the ingredients are listed in order of volume, so don’t be surprised to see purified water or seed oil listed first since it is a fundamental component of the cream.  Some packaging will highlight the active ingredients and then alphabetically list the inactive ingredients.

CBD Pain Cream – Dosage Comparison

In our sample of 4 products, let’s compare the amount of CBD in each.

  • Pachamama Pain Cream – 850mg – 3.4 oz = 250mg per ounce
  • Green Roads Muscle & Joint Heat Relief – 500mg – 3.0 oz = 167mg per ounce
  • Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – 350mg – 1.0oz = 350mg per ounce
  • Medterra Rapid Cooling Cream – 750mg – 3.4oz = 221mg per ounce

It’s important to note that many of these same products come in different strengths, depending on your preference.  We just chose this sample of comparison.  For instance, the Green Roads Muscle & Joint Heat Relief also comes in a 250mg version. 

So, let’s look at the results in terms of strength.

#1 – Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – 350mg is 350mg per ounce (small package that packs a big punch)

#2 – Pachamana Pain Cream – 850mg – this high amount of CBD is in the largest container (3.4oz), but still deals 250mg per ounce.

#3 – Medterra Rapid Cooling Cream – 750mg – pretty close to the Pachamama, at 221mg per ounce.

#4 – Green Roads Muscle & Joint Relief Cream – 500mg – 167mg per ounce.  This is the lowest of these 4 but is still much higher than some, even it’s cousin that comes in 250mg strength.

CBD Pain Cream – Pricing Comparison

You might ask, why not always choose the strongest concentration.  Well, CBD costs money and is the most expensive ingredient, so all things being equal, you are going to pay more for a higher concentration product.  The curve is not linear, meaning that in general, CBD products cost less per milligram the higher concentration you purchase.  It varies by product, but a double (or 100%) increase in CBD may cost between 50% and 75% more, not the full 100%.  This is because the fixed costs of packaging, marketing and others stay the same.

Prices can change on products, but to make the point, let’s use our current online prices for these products and calculate the cost per 100 milligrams, and compare rankings.

Productmg of CBDoz (size)mg./oz.Strength RankCurrent Price$/100mgPrice Rank
Pachamama Pain Cream8503.42502$74.99$8.821
Green Roads Heat Relief5003.01674$67.99$13.604
Green Roads Relief Cream3501.03501$43.99$12.573
Medterra Rapid Cooling Cream7503.42213$75.99$10.132

Now, why are the prices so different? Two reasons. The first is that the more CBD per container the more efficient the pricing is, as explained previously. The amount of marketing, packaging, other ingredients and overhead costs make it a higher price when you aren’t selling as much. The price rankings bear that out – the most CBD content ranks directly with the best pricing in every case.

The second reason is that there may be other components to the products you may find appealing. An example is the Green Roads Heat Relief which has natural pepper extracts for the heat relief, roll-on action to prevent messes, and a mild menthol counterbalance.

There are other factors for the producers such as the amount of CBD in the particular hemp batches and processing costs, but these tend to not be the primary driver.


Alright, armed with all this information, lets decide what makes sense for you. There are five primary factors to consider when selecting a CBD pain cream, but the first two are constant in our example.

  1. Quality of the Brand – all three of these brands are reputable and high quality, but beware! The CBD industry is flooded with brands of various quality and many of them are white-labeled branding from unknown sources. That means anyone can put a label on CBD, but are they a well-known and established company with 3rd party lab testing? Part of the reason why The Green Dragon CBD exists is to vet these brands for you and ensure only the top, trusted CBD brands are sold in our business. If it’s not quality product, it doesn’t matter what you get, so choose a quality brand.
  2. Complete Labeling – this ties in to number 1, but there are many products out there that do not have proper labeling. They should have complete ingredient listings and a way to access the lab results via a scan code or website. All four of these products have very good labeling. If you don’t know what’s in it, it’s probably not a good choice.
  3. Level of Pain / Strength – this translate to how strong you need to product to be. Everyone’s body composition reacts a bit differently to CBD, but generally speaking, the more you take the more powerful the impact.
  4. Area of Pain / Coverage – if you have a very small, concentrated pain area, then a smaller container will work well. If you want to lather it over your entire body, it probably isn’t very cost effective to purchase a 1 ounce container. Most of the larger containers are 3.0 – 3.4 ounces and then there are smaller ones of an ounce or less. If you remember, the strongest CBD pain cream in our test was actually the Green Roads 350mg in 1 ounce, but that’s not enough product to use repeatedly over a large area.
  5. Special Effects – this is a pretty important deciding factor. If you prefer a heating effect, well then the Green Roads Heat Relief is for you, and you can get it in a 500mg or 250mg variety. If you prefer cooling cream, then the Medterra Rapid Cooling Cream is for you, and it’s available in either 750mg or 250mg. They also have a roll-on, if that’s an important product characteristic. The Green Roads 350mg, 1 ounce relief cream really doesn’t have any major effects, but the Pachamama does have menthol, so you may feel some cooling sensation.

Those 5 criteria are really the ones to consider, but it boils down to – find a quality product, do you like the special effects, and then choose a size and strength to match your specific use needs for area of coverage and pain. We hope this guide has been helpful, but don’t over-analyze it, try one and get some relief! Any product reviews on the website www.thegreendragoncbd.com or comments are welcome.

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