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Delta Extrax

About Delta ExTrax

Purity and Innovation in Delta-8 THC

The Delta Extrax (formerly Delta Effex) brand is owned by Savage Enterprises and is dedicated to excellence in Delta 8 THC products.

All of Delta Extrax's products are derived from CBD in the hemp plant, another cannabinoid.  This conversion of CBD into Delta-8 THC is what makes the product federally legal.

Quality, safety and purity are the cornerstones of the products as the company continues to innovate and expand its Delta 8 product line.

Savage Enterprises is an industry leader in vaping so it's no accident that some of the major product categories include vape cartridges and vape pods with its own proprietary pod device.

As with all quality brands here at The Green Dragon CBD, lab results are always available to validate the contents of the product for concentrations and purity.

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Delta Extrax Top Sellers

Customer Feedback

"The power of these vape pods rivals any delta-9 thc products I've had but without that wierd anxiety that made me stop using marijuana."

— Alex B.

"I've been a cannabis grower for many years and the Strawberry Cough cartridge is just amazing. A stronger high than I ever expected."

— Matt J.

"The Granddaddy Purp has helped me with anxiety and sleep so much. It's part of my evening routine. Thank you!"

— Andrea S.

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