Honest Paws Purity Level 1 – Product Review

Honest Paws Purity Level 1 is part of our CBD for Pets line that is made of course by Honest Paws. Honest Paws has a nice array of products in our CBD for Pets offering including the 3 levels of Honest Paws Purity for Small, Medium and Large Dogs.  This review is focused on Honest Paws Purity Level 1 is for dogs up to 25 pounds, as the lowest entry-point in the series.

The Brand – Honest Paws – 5 out of 5

Honest Paws is such a great CBD brand because they specialize in just CBD for Pets.  Their products are primarily for dogs and cats, but they also have products for horses.  With their dedication to the animals, the product is high quality and made from organic, full-spectrum hemp.  It is all natural, lab-tested, non-GMO and soy-free. 

Overall, Honest Paws claims to have the #1 CBD Oil and Treats for Dogs.

Honest Paws Purity Level 1 – The Product Packaging – 5 out of 5

The Package –a really interesting and solid hexagonal box with a lid that is sealed with a “Honest Paws” sticker to ensure it is authentic and unopened.  The three different types of Honest Paws Purity Oil have 3 different colors, Green for Level 1, Yellow for Level 2, and Red for Level 3.   This package has the added benefit of protecting the box in case you are traveling with it, which is very common when using CBD for Pets.

The Labeling – In addition to the colors, the first text described what kind of dog it is for, which in this case says “For Dogs up to 25 lbs.”  The other great thing about this box is the size.  It is large enough that the text around ingredients, cautions, the scan for lab results and all the relevant information is actually legible!  So many CBD products have text that requires a magnifying glass or lacks information altogether.

The Pricing – 3 out of 5

Honest Paws Purity Level 1 tends to be a bit more expensive than similar “small dog CBD” in other brands.  There are 125mg in the bottle, and the dose of 1ml (30ml per bottle) therefore has about 4mg per dose.  Other small dog products from major brands can be less money, but with reasons.


Green Roads Small Dog – CBD isolate (not full-spectrum), 60mg of CBD per 30ml bottle and only 2mg per dose for significantly less money.  In the case of Honest Paws, you are paying for the full-spectrum and for more than twice the CBD content, so it’s fairly priced.

CBDFx Small Dog – Full-Spectrum, 150mg of CBD, 5mg per dose, for just slightly less typically than Honest Paws.  It comes as just a bottle, so you are paying a bit more for the Honest Paws packaging and pet-dedicated brand.

Overall, Honest Paws Purity Level 1 and its family of products may cost a bit more, but you are getting top-quality package, full-spectrum CBD at good doses and a strong pet-focused brand.    There are also other brands available that have flavors in their oils, which dogs may prefer if you give it to them directly versus in their food.

Honest Paws Purity Level 1 – Customer Feedback – 5 out of 5

One recent product review submitted said “It’s made a huge difference in my dog during road trips, no more nervous shaking, and “psycho face” of distress after administering the CBD oil. Both pets of mine are on all-natural raw diets with no synthetics. So, my main concern is always the quality of whatever I’m giving them. Green Dragon sells a high-quality product that I know now, is a great solution for them.

Feedback directly from customers in our retail store have shared that they love this product because it provides real clarity around dosing and what makes sense for what size pet.

Potential Drawbacks

In order to hold the bottle itself, or to see it, you do need to open the top, and you can actually do so without destroying the authentic seal.  This is probably a good thing, but really makes the seal not incredibly useful.  The bottle itself is sealed with plastic, so knowing that it’s new is not a problem.

HONEST PAWS PURITY LEVEL 1 – 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Overall, Honest Paws Purity Level 1 is a top-quality product with incredible packaging and labeling.  It has a quality full-spectrum CBD content and can be relied upon for its product quality overall.  You may prefer other brands that cost a little less money or have flavored varieties, but you can’t go wrong with the Honest Paws. The Honest Paws Purity branding has been changed since this review was first written, now referred to as Honest Paws Wellness, CBD Oil for Dogs.


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