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CBD Bath Products

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CBD Bath Products are, as the name suggests, infused bath products. Many of these products focus on relaxation and pain relief. These products such as bath bombs and face masks are single-use items. Although they require few special considerations, preference can be made regarding the type of product and scent. Enjoy!


CBD Bath Bombs - Drop the CBD infused bath fizzer in your tub and let the CBD oils soak in. 

CBD Face Masks - The ingredients  begin taking effect immediately. As soon as the CBD and other skincare ingredients in the mask contact your skin, they start penetrating deep into your facial tissue through transdermal absorption.   Wear the mask for 10 minutes, and then remove.  The residual ingredients in your CBD Face Mask will continue to boost your facial skin’s feeling and appearance long after you remove the mask and throw it away. That’s why customers are advised not to wash their faces after using our face mask right away, or risk washing the residual effects away.


CBD bath products are often used to improve overall health or get healthier skin, relaxation and more. While bath bombs are for an overall body effect, face masks are specifically for a facial effect.


Specific dosages are on the products, but do not require the customer to regulate it.  Bombs are typically 25mg to 100mg of CBD and Face masks tend to be 20mg.  

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