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Delta-8-THC products are a fantastic, federally-legal, option for people looking for the health benefits of THC and also want some recreational "high".  The Delta-8 version of THC refers to the where the molecular bond occurs, in this case the 8th carbon chain.  The difference is that it is derived from hemp, is not a controlled substance and is therefore legal.  It provides a pyscho-active high, but not as intense as marijuana which contains Delta-9 THC.  The benefit is that consumers can get the health benefits of THC, still get a high, but a less severe high than found in marijuana.  Less paranoia, a lower high but still enjoyable and perfect for many people.  Many people prefer it to Delta-9-THC.


The Delta-8-THC products will come in many varieties, including the first product launch of Delta-8-THC vape cartridges in a variety of flavors.  These vape cartridges can be used with any standard vape cartridge device.  Read more about various product categories on our Education Page.


Delta-8-THC is used for all common purposes of CBD and THC.  It is used for general health and wellbeing, as well as many challenges such as anxiety, sleep, pain, depression and more.  People using CBD Vape Kits enjoy the activity of vaping and the rapid effects of CBD or Delta-8-THC going quickly into the bloodstream, as well as the many flavors and aromas available.


The products vary in the amount of Delta-8-THC, but you should use our CBD Dosage Guide as a starting point and adjust based on the high you experience with Delta-8-THC.  

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