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Live Resin

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What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a sticky, waxy, sometimes viscous extract that comes from all the parts of fresh, flash frozen hemp plants. Because they are flash frozen, the chemical compounds of the plant are preserved before they have a chance to weaken or degrade. These chemical compounds include cannabinoids and terpenes. Since these are preserved in their prime state, the end products are more potent and flavorful than any other products.

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Is Live Resin Legal?

Yes, because live resin is extracted from hemp plants and the concentration of THC is kept at or below 0.3% by weight, live resin is federally legal.

Will I Pass a Drug Test?

Unfortunately, these products contains THC, which is what most drug tests are looking for. If you decide to use any THC products, but have a drug test coming up, read our blog on 5 Ways to Cleanse for a Drug Test.

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