Dazed8 – THC-O | THC-V | HHC-O Live Resin GranDabz – 8g

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Dazed8 THC-O | THC-V | HHC-O Live Resin GranDabz create a uniquely potent experience by combining THC-O, THC-V, HHC-O, and Live Resin. Each jar is 8000mg and has a perfect balance of terpenes and cannabinoids.


Dazed 8 THC-O | THC-V | HHC-O Live Resin GranDabz combine the potency and strength of THC-O, THC-V, HHC-O, and Live Resin. This blend of cannabinoids creates a strong entourage effect, which means more benefits and stronger cerebral highs for you. Try uplifting Silver Jack or balanced Pineapple Express.

Each container holds 8000mg of THC-O, THC-V, HHC-O, and Live Resin.

Enjoy your dabs with convenient, discreet, portable, and easy-to-use Yocan Magneto Wax Pen.


  • Start with smallest dose (no bigger than a crumb) and work your way up depending on the effects you want to achieve and how you react to the dose.


Silver Jack is a strong Sativa strain. Enjoy strong cerebral effects, with a long-lasting high. This strain delivers flavors of herbs, sweet citrus, and pine.


Pineapple Express is an uplifting Hybrid strain. Enjoy a mild and buzzing body high with calming cerebral effects. This strain offers citrus, pine, and sweet tropical fruit flavors.

Warning: THC-O is a psycho-active substance. Operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery after using this product is not advised. This product may cause you to fail a THC drug test. You assume full responsibility for all parts related to your purchase and consumption. Use small doses when starting. Read more about Delta 8 here.


Dabs, also known as a “wax dabs”, are a concentrated form of cannabis. These concentrated forms come in different textures like waxes and budders. Regardless of texture, dabs are typically used by being heated and then inhaled through special equipment, such as a dab rig or pen. The concept is like vaping or smoking – you are inhaling the vapors created by heating the dab. Inhaling is the most effective and quickest way to get the effects of your choice cannabinoid.


Live Resin is the end result of extracting cannabinoid concentrate from fresh frozen hemp plants instead of dried plant material. This process lends to a better flavor, more aromatic, and more powerful product.


HHC-O is made using the extracts from pollen and seeds of the hemp plant. The Acetate process that creates HHC-O makes the cannabinoid up to 3x more potent than HHC.


THC-O is a hemp-derived synthetic compound, also known as THC-O acetate. It is popular due to its legality, but also its potency. THC-O is made by adding a highly-flammable compound called acetic anhydride to THC molecules.


Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is sometimes called  “diet weed” and “weederall” for its purported appetite-curbing and energy-boosting properties.  THCV is best used in combination with other THC compounds as it is in this collection.  It may actually mitigate the intoxicating effects while providing energy boost.



Silver Jack, Pineapple Express

Lab Results

5 reviews for Dazed8 – THC-O | THC-V | HHC-O Live Resin GranDabz – 8g

  1. tacosandedm (verified owner)

    this stuff is crazy strong!!! i wasn’t expecting to be this smacked, honestly. pineapple express is the strain i tried & it’s honestly one of my favorites to fight depression & lack of motivation. try this in a morning wake & bake & i promise, you won’t be disappointed in how your day goes 🙂

  2. William Abbott (verified owner)

    True to pineapple express, live resin does it justice. Delightfully fruity and tasty terps derived from actual cannabis, which is optimal. The high is surprisingly strong, I had too much confidence and took a major dab out of an enail. Still mellow though. Creeps up on you and it’s a nice hybrid balance. I’ve tried a lot of dabs, but this blend is probably the closest to real D9 or psychedelic without the jitters. It’s like euphoric pineapple candy. It’s a good blend that really acts on the mind and body medicinally.

  3. Betty

    Exceptionally vibrant, clear vision but with narrow, specific focus. Emotional state is on point for Jacks; light, uplifting, and euphoric. Music sounds good! Smooth and pleasurably accented. The high continues impressively for a nice and long while with mostly a tampering of the brain and continual, chilled out euphoria. Instead of crashing, the physical drain gradually lifts off, maintaining productivity.

  4. Kayt

    Makes me feel like a slab of butter on a big ol pile of flapjacks! Seriously obsessed with pineapple express

  5. Danielle

    I loved the uplifted feel of this strain, just thought the energetic effect would last longer. I wanted this to be a daytime strain but after a few hours I got pretty sleepy… this is only something I can use in the afternoon. But its def gonna be my new night time strain I loved it.

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