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The Hemp Living Delta 10 cartridge in Watermelon Kush is perfect for those wanting to completely relax. Sweet watermelon notes will be hard to pull away from in this delicious 1g cart. Enjoy this blissful Delta 10 experience!

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Hemp Living delivers bright and fresh watermelon notes in this Watermelon Kush Delta 10 cart. Each vape cartridge is 1 gram and contains 900mg of Delta 10 infused with Delta 8 and terpenes. Watermelon Kush delivers the sweet watermelon taste with hints of grape notes.

This is a standard 510-threaded cartridge for use with most vape devices such as the Yocan Unipro.

Suggested Use:

  • 1-2 puffs to establish individual tolerance

Concentration Ratios – Hemp Living D10 Carts

  • 64%+ Delta 8 THC
  • 25%+ Delta 10 THC
  • 10%+ terpenes

Hemp Living D10 Cartridge Strains

What is Delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 is another type of cannabinoid that is found in the hemp plant. Delta 10 products will still contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, so they are also federally legal. Delta 10 THC is still a THC product, so you will fail a drug test and it will give you that mental euphoric high with body relaxation. Delta 10 is known for having a bit of a weaker effect in terms of the high, but be naturally more uplifting like a sativa strain. You can read more about Delta 10 in our blog, here.

Will Delta 10 get me high?

Short answer: yes, Delta 10 will get you that euphoric high and increased focus. This is a different high, though, milder with a more of a natural sativa (uplifting effect) than is caused by Delta 8 and/or Delta 9.

Is Delta 10 legal?

Because Delta 10 is a cannabinoid converted from CBD in hemp and it is distinctly not Delta-9 THC, Delta 10 is federally legal. Delta 10 products (like Delta 8) contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Each state may have its own laws, so be sure to check for your state’s specific regulations.

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Lab Results

Hemp Living Delta 10 Cartridges COA

3 reviews for Hemp Living – Delta 10 Cartridge – Watermelon Kush

  1. Mandi

    This flavor is dangerous! It was so good I really didn’t want to stop hitting it which is kind of unfortunate because it’s super effective haha.

  2. Lynn

    My friend let me try this over the weekend. Come Monday I got three for myself. I had never tried THC anything before, I wasn’t sure how it would effect me. I let me nervousness get the best of me and for sure should have tried it sooner. If you’re thinking about it just go for it, totally worth it.

  3. Rachel

    Such a great flavor! All of the new carts you guys got have been really good, can’t wait to try more.

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