How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Amanda Russell

As CBD over-saturates the health and wellness market, it continues to spark intrigue for potential first-time consumers. Is CBD just a fad or is it the natural remedy that others have been hoping for all along? And then there come the larger questions…why is everyone taking CBD and how does CBD make you feel?   

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How Does CBD Make You Feel?

Just like anything else, there will never be one feeling or treatment that is universal for every person. However, the reason that any consumer will use CBD is to experience some type of feeling or effect. Everyone takes CBD for a multitude of health and wellness concerns. Due to that, there are many different feelings that one may want to achieve. While some may be seeking out CBD for stability in a daily wellness routine, others may be looking for CBD to manage anxiety or even searching for relief from certain medical conditions. This is where it becomes extremely important to look inward at your health and personal concerns. Really consider why you use CBD and what you’d like to achieve from its use.  

People have described CBD as making them feel calm, relaxed, have reduced pain, a sense of well-being, healthy, anxiety-free, happy, and more.  Let's discuss how CBD works and how it might effect different people.

The Science of CBD and the ECS

But, let’s put feelings aside for a second. First, let’s talk more about the science behind this cannabinoid and how it works with the human body’s Endocannabinoid System. CBD is just one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. CBD is one of the most widely known cannabinoids aside from THC. However, THC and CBD differ based on the way that they each make you feel. While THC is known to make you feel psychoactive effects or a “high,” there are no “high” feelings that are associated with CBD.

Although there are no psychoactive feelings associated with CBD, other feelings may occur and this all relates to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Every person has an ECS in which the body naturally produces cannabinoids that all help to keep the systems of the body running smoothly including organs, nervous systems, and more. Due to natural life occurrences such as stress or exhaustion, the ECS can be thrown off balance and therefore can have a wide range of effects including changes to blood pressure, pain response, memory, immune system response (inflammation), appetite, and even consciousness. When CBD is ingested, it adds more cannabinoids into the body which can help balance the ECS if it is off-balance. This is where the potential benefits of CBD come in and simultaneously the many feelings associated including sleepiness, calmness, happiness, relief, and more. 

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Feelings Associated With CBD

As we mentioned, there are many common emotions desired when consumers are turning to CBD. The true way to identify the feelings associated with this cannabinoid is by continuing to conduct research and gather testimonials from authentic consumers. The primary known sensation has to be relaxation. Whether it's relaxation from a disorder such as anxiety or depression, or it's relaxation from the stress of managing pain from an illness or condition.

Does CBD Make You Feel Sleepy?

Busy counting sheep and willing to try anything to get some shut-eye? Then you may be wondering if CBD makes you feel sleepy. Research has begun to discover the link between CBD and insomnia and whether it can be of any benefit. Beginning research has suggested that CBD can help to improve the sleep-wake cycle by balancing the ECS. Additionally, a study in 2019 on whether CBD could improve sleep or anxiety concluded that it was resulting in a better night’s sleep. Some consumers may say it does make them sleepy. Others may say that it helps to combat insomnia and aid sleep on a long-term scale. Learn more about CBD and insomnia and specific product recommendations here.

"I have severe PTSD and insomnia. However, due to COVID-19, I'm unable to make the six hour drive to my doctor for refills. I decided to try the pre-rolls and buds. I'm able to sleep well and have helped with my anxiety a lot. It helps that it's reasonably priced and orders are quickly shipped. Fantastic all around."

-Jay K.

Does CBD Make You Feel Calm? Does CBD Make You Feel Happy?

For the many that struggle with anxiety (both humans AND pets), consumers have expressed that CBD can help to feel calm. Both humans that struggle with Social Anxiety Disorder and even pets that get anxiety from moving, thunderstorms, and more have considered the use of CBD to manage symptoms. Research still needs to be conducted to figure out the “why” of how CBD helps to manage anxiety.

Some researchers speculate that it is because CBD helps to affect the serotonin levels in your brain. Seratonin is a chemical in the brain that affects your mood and when it’s increased it may help to alleviate anxiety symptoms. Seratonin also causes happiness. This is why some CBD consumers may say that they feel happy when they take CBD. While there still needs to be a great deal more research conducted, a 2011 study looked into the effects of people with Social Anxiety Disorder that were given either a placebo or 400 milligrams of CBD. From those who received CBD, they all experienced reduced anxiety levels.

Does CBD Provide Relief?

A huge feeling that those who turn to CBD are looking for is relief from pain. Inflammation is one of the top reasons that consumers may consider treatment with CBD because it is known to be an anti-inflammatory. By reducing the inflammation of an affected area whether it is external or internal, can then affect symptoms and provide relief from pain or discomfort. CBD has been linked to helping many conditions such as sciatica, asthma, arthritis, tendonitis, period cramps, and more. It is still important to always consult a medical professional before completely switching to CBD treatment. CBD is often considered to be a natural solution to provide aid for many who struggle with various types of pain.

How Does CBD Vaping Make You Feel?

Depending on the method of your CBD consumption, there may be different feelings associated as well. For example, many attribute stronger feelings when they are vaping/smoking CBD. There is some science behind this. Vaping CBD is the fastest way to get the active ingredients into the brain. When vaping CBD, the feelings will come faster and stronger. It could even cause a little bit of a “head rush”. While CBD vaping makes you feel something first, the second-fastest method would be CBD oils or tinctures. They are taken sublingually and are absorbed under the tongue. This is still is not as fast as inhalation. Edibles, capsules, and other products all follow suit and take much longer to enter the bloodstream.

Side Effects of CBD

CBD is considered to be safe, although there are times where it can cause an adverse reaction for some people. Reported side effects have included diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in appetite. It is also possible that CBD can interact with certain medications. That’s why it is always critical to consult with your doctor if you are on medication to assess if this is the right fit for your health needs.

How CBD Dosage Fits In

We couldn’t conclude the discussion of the way that CBD makes you feel without speaking to dosage and the importance of high-quality CBD products. With CBD, you are in control of your experience and the strength of the feelings included. To find the perfect dosage for your needs it is based on your body weight, body chemistry and how significant that you need the effects. This last piece is crucial. If you experience chronic pain, then you may want a stronger dose and feeling compared to someone who is just using this to aid their daily health and wellness routine. Learn more in our Dosage Guide


We can’t speak to the importance of the proper dosage for CBD without also talking about the critical need to make sure that you are buying your CBD product from a brand you trust. By buying from a trusted CBD provider, you will rest assured that you will experience the feeling that you want from the product. Here at The Green Dragon CBD, we only offer high-quality, trusted CBD products. How does CBD make you feel? Tell us in the comments below!

How Does CBD Make You Feel?
Ever wonder how CBD makes you feel and why? Does CBD make you sleepy or high? Learn all about the effects of CBD.
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How Does CBD Make You Feel?
March 15, 2023
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