How High Are You?

Amanda Russell

On a scale of stone-cold sober to Cheech & Chong, how you doin’? In today’s world, where cannabis is predominately legalized in many different formats, getting high can be even more intense than the “grass” of years past thanks to dispensaries, CBD stores, and cultivators that put TLC into every plant that grows. Depending on the cannabinoids, ingestion method, dosage, and many other factors, getting stoned can be a different experience each time. It can also dramatically differ from person to person — not one person may have the same cannabis experience!

Thanks to the strides in cannabis culture, there is also a great deal more control in today’s environment to guarantee the exact high that you’re looking to experience. Let’s face it, there always may be times when you end up a little more stoned than expected. However, gone are the days where the only way to get high is when you unexpectedly stumble upon “special brownies” (yes, we’ve all been there). 

Getting High in Today's World

From Woodstock days to now, 420 has sophisticated significantly thanks to a few factors:

woman smoking thc
  1. Discoveries for the cannabis plant, including the understanding of multiple cannabinoids that can all have different effects (Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 THC, etc.)
  2. Federal legalization of CBD and decriminalization of cannabis - with these laws came several different benefits. When things became legalized, FDA regulations were put in place. This allowed for credible brands to create a multitude of cannabis and CBD products that you can trust and enjoy. This means products with trusted chemicals and transparent lab reports — so that you are completely aware of what you’re ingesting. This also means properly-recommended dosage, so that you can measure and determine exactly the experience that you’re looking to have.
  3. While there still may be some who are uncomfortable with the cannabis plant, acceptance is evolving. Many are attuned to the health benefits that many have been able to experience. Dispensaries and CBD stores, have a reliable community of experts that can help each individual with education and guidance. Whether the customer is a first-time user or a frequent flyer, it’s always beneficial to have someone devoted to understanding specific needs and/or health challenges and recommending the best solution.

So, let’s say you do take an extra puff, puff, pass, or you eat that extra 5mg of gummies. Are you truly able to tell how high you are? Well, a urine test or blood test would certainly be able to detect this in your system. However, if you’re looking to measure if you’re stoned based on the effects that you’re feeling, there are certainly some common signs to look out for after a toke. Keep in mind that everyone’s high is different. So, it’s a matter of understanding your tolerance and what is best for you. Read more about this in our dosage guide.

We’d like to develop our guide to how high you are, based on icons in cannabis culture. On a scale of Red Foreman to Cheech & Chong, where do you fall?

Our "Stoner Scale"

red from that 70's show

#1 Red Foreman, That 70's Show

Cannabis? Never. You’re too busy enjoying the news and maybe even a few beers after a nice home-cooked meal. Those kids have to grow up! 

shaggy and scooby doo with food

#2 Shaggy & Scooby Doo

An occasional stoner, and with that can come occasional paranoia, giggles…and an appetite for lots of snacks!

bob marley

#3 Bob Marley

The creative type. Catch you with a Sativa or a hybrid taking time to tap into your artistic flow and enjoy the ride. 

saul silver from pineapple express

#4 Saul Silver, Pineapple Express

You're riding a high and feeling a mission! Beyond snacking, paranoid and you've moved right onto euphoria.

cheech and chong

#5 Cheech & Chong

The true high experience! You've had just about every strain, every consumption method, and every cannabinoid! You're a true cannabis connoisseur.

Common Signs + Side Effects

If you’re new to experiencing a high from cannabis, here are some common feelings to keep an eye on:

  1. The giggles - We all know the laughter that comes on strong and doesn’t seem to stop. 
  2. The munchies - Some may never experience this, others may never be able to smoke without a snack in sight! 
  3. Relaxation and sensory change - This can be dependent on the strain as well, but many will experience heightened sensations. Another reason that the munchies become even more desirable! With an Indica strain, many may be “in da couch” and ready to take a nap or lounge back and relax. 

As we mentioned, many factors can determine the high that you will experience. First, what is the cannabinoid, and what is the method of consumption? Delta 9 THC may provide a stronger high. While many have enjoyable, euphoric experiences or pain relief, others may also experience paranoia. Delta 8 THC is known to be a lesser high but is commonly less known for some to experience paranoia. 

In addition to the desired cannabinoid, the method for consumption can also impact your high. With a tincture or an edible, the dosage is easy to measure. This can guarantee the exact milligrams that you’re looking for in one dose. On the other hand, when it comes to a joint or a vape, it can be easier to consume more and may ultimately lead to a faster, stronger high.

Finally, it is also important to be self-aware as a consumer. Not only to understand what your desired effect is, but also what your limits are. Since everyone may have a different tolerance based on their body weight, experience in product use, etc., it can greatly vary from person to person. Along with that, everyone’s experience being high can also be drastically different. When someone is looking to see how high they are, it is time for some self-reflection. Ultimately, the individual is the one that is the most receptive to how high they are feeling and the desired experience.

We want to know! What have you learned as a cannabis consumer? Where do you fall on our "stoner scale?"

How High Are You?
In today’s world getting high can be even more intense than the “grass” of years past thanks to dispensaries.
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How High Are You?
July 31, 2023
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