How Long Does Being High Last?

Jen Olson

Knowing the length of time you are going to be high is useful. Certain responsibilities require a clear head and it’s nice to plan your high accordingly. You may have a certain activity that you want to be high for and a little planning can help you to remain high for the duration of the activity. Maybe you are too high for too long and need to come down a bit. Whatever the reason, knowledge is power. Staying informed about the many aspects of cannabis use is wise and responsible. There are many variables that affect the duration of a high, including how long it takes for a weed high to kick in.  

How Long Does Weed Take to Kick In? 

This really depends on how you are consuming cannabis. Smoking cannabis flower, kief, or hash will cause you to feel the effects within minutes. Vaping will come on even faster and stronger. The effects of dabbing are felt instantly. Using edibles takes the longest. It can take up to an hour before the psychoactive effects of eating cannabis are felt. This is because the cannabinoids have to pass through the digestive tract before reaching your bloodstream in order for you to feel high. 

The Buzz-Length Variables Explained

THC levels in the product will affect how long your high will last. When smoking cannabis flower, the high is always strain-specific. A buzz from a high-THC strain will naturally last longer. A buzz from a high-THC edible can last up to 10 hours! This is important to take into consideration while you are choosing edibles and planning your day. 

The high from smoking flower, hash, or kief can last anywhere from 2-5 hours. The peak will come at around 30 minutes to 1 hour after smoking. The high from dabbing varies. Depending on potency and quantity, a dab high can last from 3 hours to an entire day. Edibles last the longest, with the high being anywhere from 6 hours to a full day. The high will peak at around 3 hours. The physical body high from edibles is what lasts the longest, so even if you aren’t mentally high towards the end, you will still experience relaxation and even sedation in your body. 

People with a higher metabolism will process cannabis faster. Because of this, they will feel the effects more quickly, but the high will also wear off faster.

Cannabis tolerance levels play a huge factor in how long you will feel high. Frequent cannabis users will naturally have a higher tolerance. This often causes the effects and duration of a cannabis high to be weaker than an occasional or new user. If you want to lower your tolerance, experts recommend refraining from cannabis use for 3 weeks. This is called a cannabis reset and 3 weeks is how long it takes for THC to leave your system. This is because cannabinoids bind to fat cells, therefore are stored in your body for longer. 

How to Extend Your High

There are a few ways to extend your cannabis high:

  • Stick with edibles. If you are used to smoking, give edibles a try and you will experience a much longer high. 
  • Re-dose. Try taking more cannabis before your high has worn off. 
  • Experiment with strains. Find a few cannabis varieties that are known for having a higher THC content. Try them out and keep a weed journal to record the effects of each strain. 
  • Move your body. Exercise promotes blood flow which helps the THC that is stored in your fat cells to circulate. In turn, the length of your cannabis high is extended. 
  • Use ice in your bong. The ice will help to cool the smoke down as you inhale. This will allow you to take longer deeper draws off the bong and get more THC into your system, producing a longer and stronger high. 
  • Change your voltage for your cartridges.
  • Timing is everything. Some people report that waiting until afternoon or evening to smoke weed increases the intensity and duration of the high. 
  • Take a weed break. Reset your cannabis tolerance by abstaining for 3 weeks. Remember the first few times you smoked weed, and it was so intense and strong? This is because you had no weed tolerance. Lower your tolerance by taking a break and bring yourself back to those sweet sweet times of being a cannabis newbie. 

How to Be Less High

Sometimes, we overdo it. We smoke, vape, dab, or eat too much cannabis and things start to feel uncomfortable, overwhelming or non-functional. In some cases, extreme negative symptoms are felt, such as: 

  • anxiety
  • panic 
  • increased heart rate 
  • trouble communicating 
  • impaired coordination
  • confusion

Luckily there are some remedies for feeling too high. 

  • Stay hydrated with lemon water. This will help to neutralize cannabis terpenes and counteract dehydration caused by THC. 
  • Breathe deeply. Deep breaths with a longer exhale will activate the parasympathetic nervous system. This triggers the “rest and digest” response that occurs when we feel safe and secure. 
  • Take some CBD. CBD interacts with different receptors in your brain than THC. This helps to counteract the THC buzz, helping you to feel less high.
  • Smell or eat some black pepper. Black pepper contains caryophyllene, which is a potent CB2 antagonist. CB2 is a receptor in our endocannabinoid system. Caryophyllene boosts the sedating effects of THC, helping you to feel more chill and relaxed. 
  • Eat a snack or a meal. Cannabis affects blood-sugar levels. When you eat a healthy snack or meal, your blood-sugar levels become more balanced. Food is also psychologically grounding, which helps when you are feeling too high. 
  • Take a nap. Sleep has a wonderful way of resetting our energy levels and mental state. The combination of sleep and time works wonders to lessen the effects of a cannabis high. 
  • Be mindful of where you put your attention. Focus on positive and calming thoughts, and pick and choose your entertainment wisely. Violent, disturbing shows or movies and aggressive music can aggravate your anxiety. Find something mellow to watch or listen to, this will help to balance your nervous system. 
  • Dose your THC properly.

If This is Your First Rodeo

If you are new to weed and THC, start slow and low. Choose a low-THC strain and find a time where you don’t have responsibilities pending. A weekend or a day off is perfect. Only consider re-dosing if 2 hours have passed and you still want to feel more high. With edibles, it’s especially important to wait for the buzz to kick in, which can take longer than you think. Stay hydrated and well-fed before and during your buzz. Munchies can hit hard and fast! Refrain from drinking alcohol. Alcohol and weed strengthen each other and things can get sloppy or out of hand pretty quickly. The buddy system is helpful. Having a friend with you (especially an experienced friend) can be very helpful and comforting as you navigate your first cannabis high. 

The awesome staff at The Green Dragon CBD are always happy to assist and answer any cannabis questions. Using cannabis is a different and unique experience for everyone and professional guidance can be very informative. Contact us here to have a chat. 

How Long Does Being High Last?
Being high can be fun, but not when you have things that need to get done. Find out how long being high lasts & how to come down from a high!
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How Long Does Being High Last?
October 31, 2023
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