Is CBD For Pets? Can It Help My Pet?

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Whether you’re a cat lover or dog lover, everyone understands that there’s not much better than a furry friend. And when a pet struggles with similar stresses and health issues as humans, is it possible that CBD can help them too? Let’s explore some of the top reasons that more and more pet owners are considering CBD for their loyal companions.

How May CBD Help?

There is a great deal still to discover how CBD can help both pets and humans, but there’s no denying that there has been exponential growth in the CBD market for pet products. According to Forbes, “74% of CBD buyers have pets and 24% of pet owners use hemp-CBD either for themselves, their pet or both.” Many pet-owners are managing their pet’s common health conditions and seeking out natural alternatives. 

How Does CBD Work?

CBD works for pets the same way that it does for humans, in stride with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Dogs, cats, and other pets have endocannabinoid systems that operate very similarly to humans. Additionally, just like for humans, CBD metabolizes in an animal’s liver. CBD adds more cannabinoids into the ECS, maintaining a balance of the ECS to keep the nervous system, immune system, and organs functioning normally. Ultimately when this system is balanced, it allows for symptoms and conditions to be better managed.

Reasons For Pets To Take CBD

There are many reasons why pet owners consider giving CBD to their pets. Let’s address some of the most popular ways that CBD helps pets:

1. Anxiety - Anxiety in pets can be more common than you may think. What may seem like just a scare from fireworks or a thunderstorm, can be a condition that is extremely common for all pets especially canines. According to the AVMA, “separation anxiety is one of the most common canine behavior problems and is diagnosed in 20% to 40% of dogs referred to animal behavior practices in North America.” As a pet owner, you will be able to recognize any changed behavior or symptoms and attribute this to anxiety. At the end of the day, you know your pup, and will often know if they are experiencing anxiety. It could be from moving into a new home, a loud thunderstorm, a visit to the vet, and more. This will be where CBD comes in. CBD works with the ECS to help manage the symptoms of anxiety.

2. Inflammation/Arthritis - Just like humans, many pets (specifically larger dogs), experience inflammation and pain. Additionally, many dogs also suffer from arthritis. CBD is a known anti-inflammatory, which is a natural solution to reduce any pain that comes from inflammation. Cannabinoids enter the ECS system and work to balance the system so any inflammation or irritation will be relieved. In a study at Cornell University, they concluded that “2 mg/kg of CBD twice daily can help increase comfort and activity in dogs with osteoarthritis.”

More Reasons For Pets To Take CBD

3. Seizures - Many pets can suffer from epilepsy and experience seizures. This neurological disorder also affects humans and research has been done to study the effectiveness of CBD with this condition. Cannabidiol has been studied to help convulsions for humans, which helps to cut down the length of seizures. There is still a great deal of research that needs to be conducted for this condition.

4. General Health - CBD is often worked into a daily routine for both humans and pets alike. Some reasons that dogs may benefit from CBD include stress management, eating habits, sleep, and any other type of chronic pain. By helping to keep your pet’s ECS on track, it can help them to manage any symptoms and help to manage any health challenges in their daily life.

Will CBD Make My Pet High? 

If you’re ever wondered if your pet could get high from CBD, the answer is no. CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which differs from THC (another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant). The CBD cannabinoid does not cause a psychoactive feeling and only works in conjunction with the Endocannabinoid System to keep systems running smoothly.

What Are the Side Effects For Pets?

One of the top benefits of CBD for pet-owners is that they are providing treatment without the many side effects that can come from other medications, such as weight gain and lethargy.

At this time, there are no proven side effects of CBD for pets. Potential side effects may be compared to human side effects. This includes mild drowsiness, dry mouth, and low blood pressure. However, it is critical to ensure that when picking out a CBD product for your pet that is from a credible brand to ensure that you know exactly what you are giving to your cat or dog. Additionally, your pet must take CBD with a concentration that is accurately suited to their size and weight. If your pet has pre-existing conditions such as liver issues, it is good to be cautious and ask your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD. If your pet is on any other medication it is better to check in to see if CBD could interact.

Best Product For Pets

The most common way for pets to ingest CBD is through an oil. Buy CBD as a liquid. With that, you can buy dog treats containing CBD, but the best form to administer is an oil or tincture. This way, you can adjust your dog’s dose drop by drop. CBD companies have also created edible treats for pets that are another great alternative. These can include daily chews, or even CBD-infused peanut butter or coconut oil! You know your pet and will be able to recognize what method may work best for them.

We carry some of the top brands for CBD for pets, including Honest Paws which makes products only for pets. Medterra is also one of our premier brands with top-quality pet CBD.

Check out our Honest Paws Review Blog where we reviewed all of our current Honest Paws products.

Is CBD Safe?

We talked about the potential limited side effects that come from CBD, but the most important thing in regards to safety is ensuring that your pets are taking high-quality products. Here at The Green Dragon CBD, we make sure to only carry brands that offer safe, high-quality products for both pet-owners and pets. These are a few of the qualities that you should look out for to ensure that a CBD product is safe for your pet:

  1. THC-free - THC is known to be toxic and can cause poisoning for a pet that can lead to a multitude of symptoms. This is why it’s important to always confirm that the CBD product contains 0% THC.
  2. Organic - Most pet products are made to be organic because it is important to avoid any potentially harmful chemicals for your pet. Ingredients to avoid include any solvents, pesticides, or fungicides. 
  3. Buy for Quality - Make sure that you are buying products that have the highest quality, even if they are more expensive. You’re getting what you pay for and it’s important to have the best for your pet. 

Here at The Green Dragon CBD, we offer several high-quality CBD products for pets. Before making your purchase, chat with us! Our team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our trusted brands and products.

Is CBD For Pets? Can It Help My Pet?
CBD Oils have been found to have great benefits for human consumption to treat various ailments. But what about CBD for pets? Can CBD oil help them too?
The Green Dragon CBD
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The Green Dragon CBD
Is CBD For Pets? Can It Help My Pet?
July 31, 2023
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