Why is Gary Payton a Weed Strain?

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Are you confused by the fact that this weed strain is the flavor of a basketball player? We’re here to explain. What is this unique strain of weed, and what does it have to do with the NBA hall of famer?

We’ve got a nice story for you, and an elite cannabis experience, all rolled into one.

Who is Gary Payton?

Forgive us for asking and feel free to skip this section. But if you live under a rock and/or your eyes glaze over at the mention of sports, then we are here to inform you that Gary Payton is a famous basketball player. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest point guards of all time.

If you woefully try searching “Why is Gary Payton named after a strain of cannabis?” (not that I have), the search engine will interrupt your typing to suggest, “Why is Gary Payton named The Glove?” In fact, he is nicknamed as such for his remarkable defensive skills. He is also famous for strategically trash-talking his opponents to get in their heads.

Incidentally, the Gary Payton weed strain is something else that will get to your head – but that isn’t the reason for the naming.

Why is the Strain Called Gary Payton?

As an aging professional athlete, Gary Payton discovered that cannabis was a valuable tool for pain management, recovery, and sport-related trauma. He became an advocate for cannabis therapy and legalization. Particularly when it comes to sports trauma, cannabis is by a far a preferable alternative to prescription painkillers and opioids.

In fact, he was so passionate about therapeutic cannabis that he even created his own wellness brand, called General Principal. The brand features a line of products marketed to enhance fitness and sports recovery.

The Gary Payton strain subsequently arose from a collaboration between basketball player Gary Payton, a well-known cannabis brand called Cookies, and another brand called Powerzzzup Genetics. Powerzzzup Genetics, headed by Kenny Dumetz, has famously created many coveted marijuana strains, including this one.

Kenny Dumetz of Powerzzzup Genetics, and Berner, the famous rapper who founded Cookies, met to test out a newly-bred hybrid strain of cannabis. It was, in fact, a highly anticipated new cross, because of its parentage (we’ll get to that). At the time, it was simply called #20.

The new #20 offspring lived up to their expectations. They christened it with the unofficial name “The Gary Payton” as they spread it amongst friends. Given his advocacy of cannabis, the official partnership with Gary Payton organically came to fruition.

What Strain is Gary Payton?

Granted, we still haven’t explained what’s so special about the Gary Payton marijuana strain. Like Gary Payton himself, this strain undoubtedly owes a lot to genetics. So, let’s check out the pedigree.

We mentioned that the cross that was to become the Gary Payton strain was a highly anticipated one among cannabis breeders and connoisseurs. It’s a cross between two strains: the Y, also known as the Y Griega, and the Snowman.

The Y Griega is a sativa-dominant hybrid, a cross between Amnesia and Kali Mist strains. The flavor is characterized as sweet, earthy, herbal, citrusy, and piney, thanks to its high terpene content. The Snowman is generally more indica dominant, with flavors that are spicy, sweet, terpenic, and herbal.

(Quick recap: indica and sativa represent two major categories of cannabis strains. Indica is known for promoting more relaxation and calming effects, whereas sativa is known for being more energizing. Most hybrids are some combination of the two, but can have more emphasis on one or the other.)

The resulting hybrid is the best of both worlds. Imagine if an energetic, upbeat, high-achiever married a zen master. That’s the idea behind this strain.

That said, you may find some variations across different brands. That’s because each brand has created a proprietary blend that emphasizes certain characteristics. Some brands put their blends more in the sativa camp, and others more in the indica camp.

What is Gary Payton Strain?

You can think of the Gary Payton weed strain as the adaptogen of weed strains. It’s an herb that adapts to your needs and environment. It gives you the upbeat, positive energy you need while simultaneously keeping you chilled and relaxed. It allows you to relax, without making you lethargic. Because it strikes the perfect balance between indica and sativa, Gary Payton weed is adaptable to many situations – day or night, solo or social.

In terms of flavor and aroma, the Gary Payton strain retains the terpene-heavy flavor characteristics of both parents, with flavors of pine and citrus.

The appearance of the strain is worth mentioning as well. Fun fact: most herbal traditions applied the principle of likeness. Plants and other substances were considered clinically for certain ailments based on their appearance. Tomatoes are red and have chambers, like a heart, so they must be good for the heart. (Actually, they are.)

The Gary Payton strain is a truly beautiful herb. It is a vibrant emerald with flecks of mauve and copper, and a frosty snow-like coating (inherited from its parent, the Snowman).

With such a gorgeous and intricate combination of colors, it’s unsurprising that this strain packs a powerful psychotropic punch.

In fact, the Gary Payton has a very high concentration of THC with minimal (almost negligible) CBD content. That’s important because CBD is shown to help counteract the negative effects of THC by acting on the same biochemical receptors in an antagonistic action. A higher ratio of THC to CBD will create more potent effects, but can also increase risk of anxiety and paranoia. Therefore, the Gary Paytos not recommended for beginners or for people who tend to respond poorly to cannabis. We always recommend starting low and going slow, and that’s especially important considering the chemical make-up of this strain.

Effects of Gary Payton Strain

In summary, here’s a list of the psychoactive effects of the Gary Payton strain:

·       Uplifting

·       Promotes overall sense of well-being

·       Relaxing without lethargic effect

·       Calming but maintains mental clarity

·       Fast-acting

·       High potency

Therapeutic Action of the Gary Payton Strain

Thanks to its well-balanced characteristics, the Gary Payton strain could potentially be recommended for the following conditions:

·       Anxiety/stress

·       Anorexia

·       ADD/ADHD

·       Headaches/migraines

·       Depression

·       Pain

That said, remember that everyone responds differently to various strains of weed. Your own biology is as unique as the Gary Payton cannabis strain. What works for someone else may or may not be right for you.

That’s a Wrap

That’s the story of the winning weed strain that was named for the elite athlete Gary Payton.

In a nutshell, the Gary Payton strain is a high-potency, well-balanced weed strain that arose from a collaboration between the famous NBA player and a well-known cannabis brand. It is beloved for its uplifting effects, and its ability to create a sense of relaxation while simultaneously maintaining mental clarity and function.

As always, feel free to contact us for a free consultation if you have any questions about our products.

Why is Gary Payton a Weed Strain?
Are you confused that this weed strain is the flavor of a bball player? We’ve got a nice story for you, and an elite cannabis experience, all rolled into one.
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Why is Gary Payton a Weed Strain?
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