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Savage CBD Flower Richie Rich

(4 customer reviews)


Richie Rich CBD Flower is a favorite indica strain of many hemp flower smokers.  30% sativa and 70% indica with 17% CBD content.  The right amount of CBD and indica to have your body totally relaxed and feeling well.  This is hemp flower with less than 0.3% D9-THC and federally legal.  


Richie Rich CBD flower is available in eighths and quarters for you to enjoy CBD in its most natural state.  We also have convenient CBD pre-rolls, also known as CBD cigarettes or CBD joints, available.  This is not marijuana but is hemp flower, with less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and federally legal. We have rolling papers if needed. Available in 3.5 gram or 7 gram sizes, or get a whole ounce at a discount (28 grams).

What is CBD Flower?

CBD flower is flower that comes from hemp.  It provides the health benefits of CBD, along with the other cannabinoids and terpenes of hemp.  Richie Rich CBD flower, and hemp flower in general, is enjoyable to smoke for the taste and aroma and provides health benefits from helping with anxiety, pain, sleep and overall health.  You can read more in our educational blog post about CBD Flower.  It’s also important to note that smoking CBD flower allows you to absorb the CBD immediately into your lungs.

Will Richie Rich CBD Flower, or any other Hemp Flower Get Me High?

Hemp flower is the same as CBD flower.  Neither will get you that mental intoxication, called a “psycho-active” high to the extent of marijuana.  Marijuana contains high concentrations of Delta-9 THC which creates that effect, among other things such as appetite stimulation.  CBD, or hemp, flower may create a body high as some people describe it, which is a sense of calmness and wellbeing.  This is caused by the relaxation of your systems being brought into balance by the CBD and other cannabinoids.

Other Types of Flower

In addition to this Savage Richie Rich, we also carry Lifter Sauce flower from Savage which is a sativa dominant strain.  These are available in flower buds or in pre-rolls.

Finally, Squish CBD Flower is an amazing Cherry Wine strain with high CBD concentration grown in Illinois.  Try all the varieties, you can’t go wrong.

Weight N/A

28 Grams (1 ounce), 3.5 Grams, 7 Grams


Lab Results

Richie Rich CBD Flower – Certificate of Analysis

4 reviews for Savage CBD Flower Richie Rich

  1. Bowie S.

    The quality of the bud is impressive. I’m a huge fan of this strain and it truly has an uplifting effect.

  2. Jackson

    I take gummies and use CBD flower for my chronic pain. This is one of the best strains I’ve had. Helps me relax and helps with the pain.

  3. Rebecca

    I love Richie Rich. I get all my cbd from you and will continue to. The flower is great quality it’s easily seen in the bud. Smells so good and it relaxes me, I suffer from so much joint pain and sciatica pain.

  4. AJoseHere

    I’m in love helped me sleep well

    • Green Dragon

      That’s great to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

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