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We talk a lot about CBD, but let’s now talk about nano CBD. Maybe you’ve heard athletes raving about these particular products. Or, learned about Tommy Chong’s nano CBD product line. What is nano CBD? Well, in technical terms, it is “a CBD molecule coated with very small particles, such as liposomes or lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), that stabilize the CBD and can move in our blood faster than ‘naked’ CBD, to effectively reach the target” according to Dr. Itzhak Kurek who is the co-founder of Cannformatics. In simple terms, there is speculation that nano CBD contains liposomes that allow CBD to move through the bloodstream faster than CBD alone. Many have begun to discuss that it is specifically great for athletes and certain health issues. Let’s breakdown exactly what it is, products that contain nano CBD and potential benefits for users.

About Nano CBD

Nano CBD is a type of CBD isolate that reduces into nanoparticles. As mentioned previously, this is distinctive because it is coated with liposomes that allow it to travel faster in the bloodstream. This is not the first time that this technology has been used. Many pharmaceutical companies will still use this to ensure bioavailability. The bioavailability of this compound is the key distinction of why some may opt for this over strictly CBD. Since this is a water-based CBD, it binds to protect the core compounds that end up reaching the gastrointestinal system. Research indicates that only 6% of the dose reaches the bloodstream, while water-based CBD can provide up to 80% bioavailability.

Someone that uses nano CBD instead of CBD may feel the effects faster. In fact, a study was conducted in 2017 to assess the effect of nano CBD versus CBD on rats. The results concluded that it had a 600% increase in bioavailability compared to CBD. If manufacturers properly, nano CBD does have the possibility to increase the amount of CBD that ends up in your bloodstream. This is due to two reasons. The first reason is that it is increases surface area.

When CBD oil breaks down into tiny drops like it does with nano CBD, the body has an easier time digesting and absorbing nutrients from oil.  Additionally, it can include ingredients referred to as “penetration enhancers.” These ingredients such as ethanol, glycol, etc. coat the “nano” drops of CBD oil, allowing them to increase the movement of molecules within the body. Not to worry, nano CBD is just as legal as any other form of CBD and is protected under the 2018 Farm Bill.

Nano CBD is also another form of liposome CBD. A liposome is a protective bubble that will encapsulate the CBD molecules. This is what allows this to deliver faster through the bloodstream and increase bioavailability.

top 3 benefits of nano cbd
Top 3 Benefits of Nano CBD

Top Benefits

If were to briefly summarize the top reasons that some consider nano CBD it would be:

  1. More bioavailability. 
  2. This helps to increase therapeutic effects of CBD.
  3. It absorbs more than an ordinary CBD oil.

Nano CBD products are often made into products such as capsules. CBD capsules are often one of the easiest ways to take CBD for many consumers. These capsules travel well and can even contain additional ingredients for added effects. Capsules include varying strengths and can be used for many different needs such as sleep, energy, pain relief and more. As we mentioned earlier, many athletes consider this as they claim that it has more rapid effects due to it’s bioavailability to enter the bloodstream much faster due to its protective coating.

Here at The Green Dragon CBD, we offer several of these products. For example, the Medterra CBD brand offers several different CBD capsules, all using nano CBD technology. The Medterra Good Night Capsules include nano CBD and melatonin. Addtionally, these capsules use liposomal delivery which wraps nutrients in the protective hydrophobic membrane which protects them from the natural part of the digestive system and enzymes in the stomach. This allows the results to increase 17x due to bioavailability. This is ultimately meaning that there is ten times faster absorption in the bloodstream. This is perfect for this product due to the desired effect of wanting immediate effects to get some shuteye. On the same token, the Medterra Good Morning Capsules include caffeine and can also use this technology to enter the bloodstream faster and allow you for a quick jolt to start your day. 

How to Identify a Nano CBD Oil

Another common form of nano CBD is in an oil or tincture. However, it is important to understand the distinction of what makes a product “nano CBD” versus many other companies that very well could be taking advantage of the trend. This all got back to the importance of buying CBD products from a well-trusted brands that offers third-party testing, affordable products and has trusted reviews. When looking for a nano CBD oil, there are a couple main things to consider.

The first will be to check the ingredients and if there isn’t an ingredient list…well, it’s not the product for you. Once it does have an ingredient list, ensure that the main ingredients include water, a hemp extract or CBD oil, and only a few extra ingredients that would be used to stabilize. Additionally, nano CBD is not an ingredient. This means that a company is trying to use a marketing ploy to sell the product. Does the ingredient list include any oil-based product? If so, it can not be a nano CBD product and shouldn’t be considered. 


Ultimately, there is much more to discover about the distinction of nano CBD in the CBD community. However, bioavailability is an interesting discovery that seems to have the potential to be impactful in a number of ways. Since CBD is passed through the digestive system and bloodstream when it is ingested as a capsule or CBD oil, although it is effective, there is a great deal that never ends up even being processed through the digestive system. Nano CBD allows for a protective liposome coating that allows CBD to travel safely and quickly through these systems and ultimately leads to an increased bioavailability. This means for more CBD to enter the system and also allows it to enter even faster.

With these capsules and oils, there is promise for faster, smoother recovery and experiences for many users. However, until there is more research, there are still many answers that are needed and studies to be tested. Understanding what makes a product nano CBD will also help a user who is new to purchasing and ensure that you are buying something that is trusted and accurate. Here at The Green Dragon CBD, our team can help you to make an educated purchase that makes sense for your own unique health challenges and needs!


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