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About Urb Finest Flowers


Urb Finest Flowers is the Delta 8 THC division of Lifted Made, a popular CBD and vape product producer. Lifted Made is actually owned by Acquired Sales Corp (Ticker: AQSP) which is a publicly traded cannabis company.  Urb's creations in the Delta 8 space have provided much needed variety in a very dynamic and crowded market.

Delta 8 flower is made by taking CBD (or CBG flower in Urb's case) and coating it with Delta 8 before rolling it in the flower kief. Urb has been able to take this process and ensure the appropriate mix of terpenes to create strain-specific versions like Wattermelon Zkittlez and Tangie.

Delta 8 dabs are not easy to find.  They aren't for everyone, but Urb's selection of 3 strains provides some real selection for those customers.

Chocolate is always good!  Delta 8 chocolate is a great edible but be careful, it can be tempting to eat more than just 1 or 2 squares at a time.

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Customer Feedback

I order my gummies from you all the time and when I saw the chocolate I was curious so I got some. I got the rainbow rocks and it was so yummy! I really love the packaging too."

— Samantha P.

I was so happy to see you guys got dabs! I’ve been ordering gummies from your for a while and I was really curious to try dabs but it’s hard to find trusted places to get these types of products. Once again you guys gave me a great tasting, quality product. I tried the Banana Runtz first and it was amazing. I just ordered some of the Maui Wowie, I can’t wait to try it!"

— Alex W.

I get Delta 8 to help my mom and I usually get the gummies but sometimes she has trouble swallowing. I’ve found that this chocolate is perfect. It really does melt in your mouth so it makes it so much easier for her to take! I’m so happy I decided to try them.

— Frank Q.

I just tried this flower for the first time and I’m really impressed. Nice and relaxing and I really love how it tastes. I think this strain might be my new favorite!"

— Rich J.

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